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Yu Yu Hakusho is an action-packed anime that is perfect for fans of action animes. Writer and illustrator Yoshihiro Togashi contributed to the book. Anime and manga were both serialized in Shionnen Jump. There was a large following for the manga. Throughout the article, we are going to talk about the main idea of the anime, as well as the Yu yu Hakusho filler.

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode List:

Yu yu Hakusho filler episodes are almost all fantastic, but The demon tournament begins certainly stands out as the best one. As part of a small Yu yu Hakusho filler arc, we have the first fillers episode. Fans of the anime will greatly enjoy this arc, especially if they loved the anime. According to the story’s title, it revolves around battles between demons.

Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List:

It is not necessary to include Yu yu Hakusho filler list for the sake of enhancing the anticipation in the original story of the anime, but it is generally produced to please fans. Usually, the fillers have a low production value and are not well made. There are times when fans enjoy the fillers as well.

107-109,111, 114

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:

Mixed Canon Episodes have some additional content that doesn’t appear in the manga. But you need to watch these Mixed Canon Episodes in order to fully enjoy and understand the anime.


Yu Yu Hakusho Canon Episodes:

A fictional story that is considered canon is The main plotline that is considered to be official. . As a result, it determines the material(s) “appropriate” for fan analysis, speculation, and discussion.

1-10,12, 14-106,110,112-113


1 Surprised to be Dead MANGA CANON 1992-10-10
2 Koenma Appears MANGA CANON 1992-10-17
3 Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men MANGA CANON 1992-10-24
4 Requirements for Lovers MANGA CANON 1992-10-31
5 Yusuke’s Back MANGA CANON 1992-11-07
6 Three Monsters MANGA CANON 1992-11-14
7 Gouki and Kurama MANGA CANON 1992-11-21
8 The Three Eyes of Hiei MANGA CANON 1992-11-28
9 The Search Begins MANGA CANON 1992-12-05
10 Kuwabara’s Spirit Sword MANGA CANON 1992-12-12
11 Hard Fights for Yusuke MIXED CANON/FILLER 1992-12-19
12 Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls MANGA CANON 1992-12-26
13 Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks MIXED CANON/FILLER 1993-01-09
14 The Beasts of Maze Castle MANGA CANON 1993-01-16
15 Genbu, the Stone Beast MANGA CANON 1993-01-23
16 Byakko, the White Tiger MANGA CANON 1993-01-30
17 Byakko’s Lair MANGA CANON 1993-02-06
18 Seiryu, the Blue Dragon MANGA CANON 1993-02-13
19 Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts MANGA CANON 1993-02-20
20 Seven Ways to Die MANGA CANON 1993-02-27
21 Yusuke’s Sacrifice MANGA CANON 1993-03-06
22 Lamenting Beauty MANGA CANON 1993-03-13
23 The Toguro Brothers Gang MANGA CANON 1993-03-20
24 The Deadly Triad MANGA CANON 1993-03-27
25 Kuwabara’s Fight of Love MANGA CANON 1993-04-10
26 Toguro Returns MANGA CANON 1993-04-17


27 The Dark Tournament Begins MANGA CANON 1993-04-24
28 First Fight MANGA CANON 1993-05-01
29 Flowers of Blood MANGA CANON 1993-05-08
30 Dragon of the Darkness Flame MANGA CANON 1993-05-15
31 Stumbling Warrior MANGA CANON 1993-05-22
32 Knife Edge Death-Match MANGA CANON 1993-05-29
33 A Day in Waiting MANGA CANON 1993-06-05
34 Percentage of Victory MANGA CANON 1993-06-12
35 Glimpse Beneath the Mask MANGA CANON 1993-06-19
36 Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of Light MANGA CANON 1993-06-26
37 Master of Disguise MANGA CANON 1993-07-03
38 Kurama’s Stand MANGA CANON 1993-07-10
39 Crushing Revenge MANGA CANON 1993-07-17
40 Jin, the Wind Master MANGA CANON 1993-07-24
41 Reverse Decisions MANGA CANON 1993-07-31
42 A Master of Love and Death MANGA CANON 1993-08-07
43 The Masked Fighter Revealed MANGA CANON 1993-08-14
44 Yusuke’s Final Test MANGA CANON 1993-08-21
45 Hiei Battles On MANGA CANON 1993-08-28
46 Many Faces, Many Forms MANGA CANON 1993-09-04
47 Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama MANGA CANON 1993-09-11
48 The Cape of No Return MANGA CANON 1993-09-18
49 Genkai’s Strength MANGA CANON 1993-09-25
50 Suzuka’s Challenge MANGA CANON 1993-10-02
51 Arch-Rivals MANGA CANON 1993-10-09
52 The Death of Genkai MANGA CANON 1993-10-16
53 Overcoming Grief MANGA CANON 1993-10-23
54 The Beginning of the End MANGA CANON 1993-10-30
55 The Beast Within the Dark MANGA CANON 1993-11-06
56 Yoko’s Magic MANGA CANON 1993-11-13
57 Beneath Bui’s Armor MANGA CANON 1993-11-20
58 Wielder of the Dragon MANGA CANON 1993-11-27
59 The Shadow of Elder Toguro MANGA CANON 1993-12-04
60 Sakyo’s Proposal MANGA CANON 1993-12-11
61 Yusuke vs. Toguro MANGA CANON 1993-12-18
62 Toguro’s Full Power MANGA CANON 1993-12-25
63 Yusuke’s Despair MANGA CANON 1994-01-08
64 Toguro’s Desire MANGA CANON 1994-01-15
65 Out With a Bang MANGA CANON 1994-01-22
66 Toguro’s Wish MANGA CANON 1994-01-29


67 Return to Living World MANGA CANON 1994-02-05
68 Setting the Trap MANGA CANON 1994-02-12
69 The Power of Taboo MANGA CANON 1994-02-19
70 Genkai’s Ruse MANGA CANON 1994-02-26
71 The Tunnel MANGA CANON 1994-03-05
72 The Reader MANGA CANON 1994-03-12
73 The Doctor’s Disease MANGA CANON 1994-03-19
74 Sleep, Doctor, Sleep MANGA CANON 1994-03-26
75 Caught in the Rain MANGA CANON 1994-04-02
76 Kuwabara: Awakening MANGA CANON 1994-04-09
77 Sensui’s Fall MANGA CANON 1994-04-16
78 Divide and Conquer MANGA CANON 1994-04-23
79 The Human Race MANGA CANON 1994-04-30
80 Moving Target MANGA CANON 1994-05-07
81 Let the Games Begin MANGA CANON 1994-05-14
82 If You Could Play Forever MANGA CANON 1994-05-21
83 Game Over MANGA CANON 1994-05-28
84 Kurama’s Anger, Gourmet’s Guest MANGA CANON 1994-06-04
85 Spirit Detective Showdown MANGA CANON 1994-06-11
86 The Difference Maker MANGA CANON 1994-06-18
87 Power Between the Teeth MANGA CANON 1994-06-25
88 The True Face of Sensui MANGA CANON 1994-07-02
89 Death of a Spirit Detective MANGA CANON 1994-07-09
90 Attempting Revenge MANGA CANON 1994-07-16
91 Waking the Lost MANGA CANON 1994-07-23
92 The Proof MANGA CANON 1994-07-30
93 Sensui’s End MANGA CANON 1994-08-06
94 Topside MANGA CANON 1994-08-13
95 Yusuke’s Destiny MANGA CANON 1994-08-20


96 Three Strangers, Three Kings MANGA CANON 1994-08-27
97 Departing Living World MANGA CANON 1994-09-03
98 Return to Demon World MANGA CANON 1994-09-10
99 Haunted by the Past MANGA CANON 1994-09-17
100 The Secret of the Jagan MANGA CANON 1994-09-24
101 Reunion of the Bandits MANGA CANON 1994-10-01
102 Torn Between Identities MANGA CANON 1994-10-08
103 Inheritance MANGA CANON 1994-10-15
104 Every Demon for Himself MANGA CANON 1994-10-22
105 The Preliminaries MANGA CANON 1994-10-29
106 The Battle of Father and Son MANGA CANON 1994-11-05
107 The Demon World Tournament Begins ANIME CANON 1994-11-12
108 Farewell, Kurama ANIME CANON 1994-11-19
109 Love and War ANIME CANON 1994-11-26
110 A Reason to Fight MANGA CANON 1994-12-03
111 Closure ANIME CANON 1994-12-10
112 To the Future MANGA CANON 1994-12-17
113 TWO SHOTS MANGA CANON 2018-10-26
114 All or Nothing FILLER 2018-10-26

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How many episodes does yu yu hakusho have:

Yu Yu Hakusho In comparison with other long animes, this series contains very few fillers. In total, there are 114 episodes, out of which only 4% are fillers. There are only 5 Yuyu Hakusho fillers. In anime, fillers mainly serve to bid farewell to characters near the end of the show. Because of this, Yu yu Hakusho filler episodes are also very popular.

How many seasons of yu yu hakusho:

There are four seasons in Yu Yu Hakusho. A year-round Japanese broadcast, Yu Yu Hakusho was continuously aired with sports preemptions and television specials, and not split into standard seasons. In fact, the show had a lot of fans in the U.S. Winter, spring, summer, and fall DVDs were available, but those contained different episodes.

Yu yu Hakusho’s Main Idea:

In the anime, a boy named Yusuke Urameshi loses his life as he tries to save a young child. A son of the afterlife’s ruler then asks him various questions and offers him the job of “Underworld Detective.” In his new position, he finds himself solving cases that involve demons and apparitions in the world of man. As the anime progresses, it becomes more martial art based on several epic battles and adventures.

Fans of action-packed animes will greatly enjoy the anime. The characters, including the villains, are introduced gradually as the story unfolds. As the viewer watches the protagonist grow and become the detective of the underworld, we become attached to him. The anime also includes numerous friends and enemies that we gradually find out about as the plot develops.

Best Yu yu Hakusho fillers episodes:

There were a lot of great Yu yu Hakusho filler episodes in the anime, but The demon tournament begins definitely ranked as the best. In this small arc of fillers, the first episodes are related to Yu yu Hakusho. Assuming that the fans enjoyed the anime, this arc will be very exciting for them. In keeping with the arc’s name, the demons compete for supremacy.


In general, anime is mainly based upon martial arts, action, adventure, and supernatural stories. This anime is a lot of fun to watch as it shows a teenage boy dealing with a lot of responsibilities. As a young teenager, Yusuke, the main character of the anime, also commits an act of kindness that will change his life at the beginning of the series.

Source of inspiration:

A writer’s fascination with occult and horror films inspires the anime. Buddhist mythology also influences the story. An anime can be seen to represent the underworld, demons, and other elements derived from the manga.


In November 1990, the manga was originally written, and it was published in July 1994. Four years were required to complete the manga. In 1992, the anime series began, and in 2018, it ended. Shonen Jump published the manga. Two anime movies were also released.


We have seen Yu Yu Hakusho gain a lot of popularity in only a short period of time. More than 50 million copies of the manga have been sold in Japan alone. In addition to the award for Shonen jump manga, the manga also won many prizes.


It is a fact that the manga has received a lot of attention that it had earned. Fans of manga and anime with an action theme should also check this out. Anyone who likes fantasy stories will also find the anime story fascinating. In addition to the main series, viewers should watch the five filler episodes since they are very well made and only five in total.


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