Whisky Peak Arc

Whisky Peak Arc【WORTHY ARC,S】

Whisky Peak Arc is the eighth story line in the anime and manga series, One Piece. It is the second story line in the Arabasta Saga. As a result of their Log Pose, the Straw Hat Pirates are now heading towards Whisky Peak, a town that welcomes pirates with open arms and treats them like celebrities. There is clearly something fishy going on here and the residents soon reveal their true colors. There is even more to discover. Located on Cactus Island, Whiskey Peak is the first town the Straw Hat Pirates encounter when they reach the Grand Line.

Specifications of Whisky Peak Arc:

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Manga Chapters 9
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Whisky Peak Arc (Pirates Welcome!)

Whisky peaks treats them as celebrities. The straw hats do not care about human behavior. After that, their true colors will come out. This arc is going to reveal another surprise. As straw hats struggle to survive in the middle of the ocean, the arc begins. This is caused by sudden changes in the weather. They see an island with whiskey peaks when the weather stabilizes. The two left the town after thanking Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. The straw hats are happy as well as suspicious.  When straw hats arrive in that town, they decide to stay there for awhile. The villager’s behavior is also suspicious when they reach the town. They treat them like heroes. They then meet a man named Igaram, who is the leader of the town. He organizes a party for straw hats. Everyone has a great time and falls asleep quickly.

Whisky Peak Arc

The Baroque Era

Igaram and some other people are revealed to be agents of Baroque works’ criminal syndicate after they fall asleep. As soon as Nami and Zoro witnessed the town’s behavior, they became suspicious. As a result, they faked falling asleep. Once they realized what the colors really were. Then they retaliated. Then they failed. Bounty hunters in the town realized they were owed millions of dollars. The hunt for Zoro is on. However, he defeats them all easily. The bounty hunters try to attack him again. A barrel was then thrown at Zoro, which Zoro cut down. Miss Monday throws him a ladder again after fighting with him and he dodges it, but he gets caught. Zoro gets punched in the head by Miss Monday.

Zoros Fight At Whisky Peak Arc

Zoro took advantage of that and hit her on the head with full force. She was defeated. Afterwards, Mr. 8, Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday fight with Zoro. As a result of Zoro’s victory over Mr 9, Miss Wednesday calls for the Karoo. She attempts to hypnotize Zoro. However, Zoro is able to escape. In front of Zoro, Mr. 9 appears after Mr. 8. His hands are surrounded by iron shields. After that, Miss Wednesday is seen with Luffy. As a result, Mr. 9 becomes Zoro’s shield, allowing him to defeat them. He defeated Mr. 8 with a final punch. Soon after, Valentine and Mr. 5 arrived at the scene. Their mission was not to rescue their agents. Mr. 0 discovered there is a spy among their agents. They realized that Mr. 8 was the spy. He is actually named Igaram. The spy was Nefertari Vivi, Mrs. Wednesday. Each is from the Arabasta kingdom. Miss Monday and Mr. 9 are unaware of the situation and try to stop Mr. 5 and his partner.

Luffy vs. Zoro

In order for Vivi to escape. When Vivi first attempted to kill the pirates, they attempted to protect her. If Nami drops Vivi safely at Arabasta, Igaram promises to give him 1 billion Berries. Zoro ran to save Vivi. When Luffy appeared, Zoro was attacked. Luffy believes the town people were killed by Zoro. As he sees it, Zoro did so because town people did not prepare his favorite food. In the course of their fight, they unintentionally defeat Mr. 5 and his partner. After they arrive, the Nami punches them both. Their fight ends then.

Whisky Peak Arc

Vivian Escape Plan

After that, Vi tells them that the Civil War will destroy her kingdom. The Civil War is a result of Baroque works. When all the information is carried back to her town, the war will be over. Vivi says the leader of the Baroque wars is trying to hold onto Alabasta. In order to rule easily, he wants it to become a nation. The leader of the group is also revealed to be Crocodile. Crocodile is one of the seven gods of the sea. The Baroque leader’s name was now known to Luffy, Zoro, and Nami. Mr. 13 put three of them on the hit list because of this. A short time later Igaram arrived. His clothes look like those of Vivi.

Whisky Peak, the Robin

Vivi can then easily escape from the place because agents will be attracted by him. The Straw Hats leave after searching for Miss Sunday from there. Vivi is the one who tells her about the leader of the baroque works. In order for them to go to the island, Miss Sunday gave them Eternal Post. Those islands are close to the Arabasta. It’s not for you to decide about our adventures, Luffy said. It is from there that Miss Sunday departs, as well as Straw Hats.

Events in the Whisky Peak Arc

Luffy vs. Zoro

Zoro Zoro: Robin

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Frequently Asked Questions:FAQs

  • Is there an arc after Whisky peak?

In the anime and manga series One Piece, the Whisky Peak Arc is the eighth story arc, and the second one in the Arabasta Saga.

  • What is the duration of Whisky peak?

A fantastic view of the Siskiyou Crest can be seen from Whiskey Peak. A relatively short trail of about 0.8 miles, the trail rewards hikers with sweeping views and a large variety of wildflowers in the spring and early summer.

  • In One Piece, what is Whisky peak?
As it stands, Whiskey Peak appears to be known for its liquor, but whether this is the truth or an excuse for the presence of many barrels of alcoholic beverages in order to better subdue pirates without suspicion is unknown. Mr. 9 and Miss Monday were both defeated here by Ronoa Zoro, as was Igaram and Vivi.
  • How many episodes does Whisky peak has?
9 Whiskey Peak (4 Episodes)
Whiskey Peak was a small arc that served as a lead-in for the much longer Alabasta arc. The town of Whiskey Peak treated pirates like royalty, according to legend. In reality, they were Baroque Works members who attacked the Straw Hats after getting them drunk.

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