Sword Art Online Filler List

Sword Art Online Filler List 【WORTH WATCHING】Spark Anime

Sword Art Online Filler List (ソードアート・オンライン, Sōdo Āto Onrain) is a series of light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. It is set in a near future where virtual reality MMORPGs have become prevalent mass media entertainment, and follows Kirito after he and thousands of other players get trapped in Sword Art Online, the first VRMMORPG. Aniplex of America licensed the series, which is based mostly on the main arc. You can see the list on sparkanime

An overview of Sword Art Online Filler List plot

The story of Sword Art Online is set in the near future and revolves around Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, who becomes trapped within the virtual reality world of Sword Art Online (SAO), a role-playing game where players interact with each other through avatars. Asuna Yuuki, a girl named Kirito meets who uses her knowledge of the game to help him survive. In order to free all the minds trapped within SAO, the two decided to team up and take down its creator, Kayaba Akihiko.

Sword Art Online Filler List

Episode No. Epiosde Title. Type.
1 The World of Swords MANGA CANON
3 Red Nosed Reindeer MANGA CANON
4 The Black Swordsman MANGA CANON
5 Murder in the Safe Zone MANGA CANON
6 Illusionary Avenger MANGA CANON
7 The Temperature of the Heart MANGA CANON
8 The Sword Dance of Black and White MANGA CANON
9 The Blue-Eyed Demon MANGA CANON
10 Crimson Killing Intent MANGA CANON
11 The Girl of the Morning Dew MANGA CANON
12 Yui’s Heart MANGA CANON
13 Edge of Hell’s Abyss MANGA CANON
14 The End of the World MANGA CANON
16 Land of the Fairies MANGA CANON
17 Captive Queen MANGA CANON
18 To the World Tree MANGA CANON
19 The Lugru Corridor MANGA CANON
20 General of the Blazing Flame MANGA CANON
21 The Truth of Alfheim MANGA CANON
22 Grand Quest MANGA CANON
24 Gilded Hero MANGA CANON
25 The World Seed MANGA CANON
26 The World of Guns MANGA CANON
27 Cold-Hearted Sniper MANGA CANON
28 Memories of Fresh Blood MANGA CANON
30 Swords and Guns MANGA CANON
31 Showdown in the Wilderness MANGA CANON
32 Crimson Memories MANGA CANON
33 Bullet of Bullets MANGA CANON
34 Death Gun MANGA CANON
35 Death Chaser MANGA CANON
36 What It Means To Be Strong MANGA CANON
37 Bullet of a Phantom MANGA CANON
38 Phantom Bullet MANGA CANON
39 One Small Step MANGA CANON
40 Queen of the Lake MANGA CANON
41 King of the Giants MANGA CANON
42 Excalibur MANGA CANON
43 House in the Forest MANGA CANON
45 Sleeping Knights MANGA CANON
46 The Monument of the Swordsmen MANGA CANON
47 The End of the Journey MANGA CANON
48 The Dream Begins MANGA CANON
49 Mother’s Rosario MANGA CANON
50 Ordinal Scale (Movie) ANIME CANON

Sword Art Online Filler List 1

1. Aincrad Arc

Aincrad Arc

Kazuto Kirigaya, better known as “Kirito”, was one of the first people to encounter the game when he was a tester. As a gamer, Kirito has always been a loner. However, due to the harsh nature of the game, he must make a compromise and join forces with an extremely attractive warrior by the name of Asuna (The Struggle is real). The friendship between the two develops into a romance as the story goes on.

Kirito eventually joins an elite group of warriors known as the “Knights of the Blood Oath”. The aim of this guild, founded by Heathcliff, is to unite strong and determined players/warriors. It has been revealed that the final boss of the 100th level, also known as Kayaba, is actually Heathcliff (leader of the Knights of The Blood Oath). The victory over Kayaba grants Kirito freedom from the Game.

2. Fairy Dance Arc

Fairy Dance Arc

Kirito is released from the game after defeating Kayaba. While he is locked inside the game, Asuna, his love interest, is still there. However, Asuna is now inside another game. Alfheim Online is the name of the new game. A major motif in Alfheim Online is Fairies, which is largely influenced by Sword Art Online.

Kazuto’s new character is named Spriggan. Leafa (also Kazuto’s Suguha) travels with him as they explore the new world, and therefore things get weird when Leafa starts having feelings for Kazuto. The Fairy King Oberon must be defeated in order for Kazuto to save Asuna. The Top of the World Tree witnesses an epic battle between Kazuto and Oberon. Kasuto defeats Oberon, freeing Asuna from his shackles.

3. Extra Edition

The Extra Edition basically sums up the first season. We are introduced to a character named Seijiro Kikuoka, who may or may not be related to the plot.

Sword Art Online Filler List 2

1. Phantom Bullet Arc

Phantom Bullet Arc

A group of gamers find themselves locked in their game world, and the only way out is to reach level 100.

Since he was one of the first testers of the game, Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as “Kirito”, has been exposed to the game. Kirito has always been a loner because he is a gamer. He must team up with an extremely attractive warrior named Asuna (The Struggle is real) due to the harsh environment of the game. A romantic relationship develops out of their friendship as the story progresses.

The Knights of the Blood Oath, a group of elite warriors, finally recruit Kirito. “Heathcliff” formed this guild with the objective of uniting strong and determined players and warriors. The boss of 100th level, Kayaba, which was previously thought to be Heathcliff (chief of the Knights of The Blood Oath), turns out to be Heathcliff. The victory over Kayaba grants Kirito freedom from the Game.

2. Calibur

Kirito, along with his friends, must travel across Alfheim Online to find the legendary sword “Excalibur”.

3. Mother’s Rosario

Sword Art Online Filler List

In addition to her personal troubles, Asuna must deal with the challenges she faces on floors 21 to 30. Asuna is challenged to a duel by Yuuki, also known as the Absolute Sword. The appearance of Yuuki, however, can be deceiving. Throughout the game, real life is interwoven with the events occurring in real life. This story mainly focuses on Yuuki and her guild, The Sleeping Knights.

Sword Art Online Filler List: Alicization

The world of Gun Gale Online is explored in this arc. We follow a student by the name of Karen Kohirumaki this time.

1. Alicization

Sword Art Online Filler List

There is a Secret Organisation called the Rash that creates a cutting-edge AI technology called “Project Alicization”. Rash has developed a technology that is basically a digital soul. The Flutlight technology is accessed through the Soul Translator, which is a technology that cannot be accessed directly. Kazuto Kirigaya is hired by Rath in order to gain a deeper understanding and test the technology. He must, however, enter the virtual realm of the Underworld first in order to test this technology. The seemingly straightforward job turns into a nightmare when Kazuto is trapped in the Underworld and there is no way out.

2. Alicization: War Of The Underworld Arc

Sword Art Online Filler List

The Human Empire and Dark Territory are at a moment of danger, and the Dark Emperor Vector prepares for war. He remains dedicated to finding Alice and defeating Asuna. Underworld violence caused by American Players is revealed to be the work of the real perpetrators. To defend themselves, the Japanese Players band together. In order to defeat the forces of evil, Kirito must be roused from his coma. How will he awaken? Why will he awaken?

As much as there is to say about Sword Art Online, let’s start with the fillers. In Sword Art Online, there are almost no true fillers. Each episode you will watch was meticulously adapted from the light novels and presented without any meaningless additions.

Alicization War of the Underworld Arc

In some episodes, the previous episodes are basically recapped. There’s also an extra edition. In my opinion, the Extra Edition felt canon even though it wasn’t based on the light novels. I would recommend not skipping it. As you watch Sword Art Online, you are obviously drawn to the artwork. It is very well drawn, and the colors are beautiful. The battle scenes aren’t as good as one might expect from an anime centered around combat, but the surrounding scenery is beautiful and varied. Yuki Kajira is responsible for all of the series’ wonderful music.

Sword Art Online Filler List

The one thing that annoys me is how one-dimensional the characters, especially Kirito, are. It’s difficult to describe them as anything but cliches. In addition to Kirito, your lovable protagonist who doesn’t seem to have any flaws, there’s Asuna, your waifu who is cute and good at everything. As a writer, you probably want your protagonist to have flaws. You want them to make some mistakes. It is not a bad thing to want characters that are easily likable. In case you’re looking for a good-looking cast that won’t give you a mental breakdown, I think you’re in luck.

The plot of the story is now clear to me. Quite a few criticisms are present online, and they are generally well-founded. There is no uniqueness in the show that viewers expect, though it has a good concept. This show would be more realistic if it were more realistic. I don’t mean realistic in the sense of plausible. It’s more about realistic violence, gray morals, and battle strategies that have been improved. At best, the side stories are sloppy and make you wonder why they are even there. Overall, it feels a bit rushed.


Sword Art Online Filler List

In essence, Sword Art Online is a love story. I think what the creators want to convey is that the couple undergoes a lot together throughout their journey. It’s still quite a large audience for a simple love story. The show is doing its best to please fans. Sword Art Online seems to deliver what fans want. Once you get hooked on a story, you won’t want to stop, no matter how bad the plot gets.

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