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Steven Universe has an amazing plot. The anime series can be followed by anyone irrespective of age. Steven Universe Filler List anime series is about a young boy named Steven who lives in the fictional town known as Beach City. He has three magical guardians which take care of him and his family, but at the same time they also resemble humans in many ways that we see in our present society. They are called “gems”. These gems are assigned to protect Steven and help him grow up to be a well-disciplined child by teaching him various lessons like determination, courage, and selflessness. The anime series is narrated through Steven’s eyes and his experiences differ from what he witnesses or is told. However, Steven soon finds out that he has a power of his own being able to summon shields and change shape. But he also learns that there are other gems in the world too who are very different from him. This anime series is about the adventures of the protagonist when he meets these strange creatures with unique abilities similar to his.

Steven Universe Filler List

Steven Universe Filler List:

  • Gem Glow
  • Cheeseburger Backpack (episode)
  • Together Breakfast (episode)
  • Cat Fingers
  • Tiger Millionaire (episode)
  • Steven’s Lion
  • Arcade Mania
  • Giant Woman
  • Onion Trade
  • Beach Party
  • Joking Victim
  • Steven and the Stevens (episode)
  • Monster Buddies
  • Mirror Gem
  • Ocean Gem
  • Secret Team
  • Keep Beach City Weird (episode)
  • Fusion Cuisine
  • Watermelon Steven
  • Warp Tour
  • The Test
  • Horror Club
  • Maximum Capacity
  • Shirt Club
  • The Return
  • Jail Break
  • Joy Ride
  • Say Uncle
  • Love Letters
  • Rising Tides, Crashing Skies
  • Chille Tid
  • Onion Friend
  • Catch and Release
  • Back to the Barn
  • Steven’s Birthday
  • It Could’ve Been Great
  • Message Received
  • Gem Drill
  • Hit the Diamond
  • Steven Floats
  • The New Lars
  • Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service
  • Steven vs. Amethyst
  • Bismuth (episode)
  • Back to the Moon
  • Bubbled
  • Kindergarten Kid
  • Buddy’s Book
  • Future Boy Zoltron
  • Last One Out of Beach City
  • Onion Gang
  • Gem Harvest
  • Rocknaldo
  • Tiger Philanthropist
  • Doug Out
  • Are You My Dad?
  • I Am My Mom
  • Stuck Together
  • The Trial
  • Off Colors
  • Lars’ Head
  • Dewey Wins
  • Gemcation
  • Sadie Killer
  • Kevin Party
  • The Big Show
  • Pool Hopping
  • Letters to Lars

Steven Universe Episode Guide: 

Season 4 of Steven Universe starts with a bang. In “Kindergarten Kid,” Greg and Pearl face off against the owner of Crystal Kindergarten, who is determined to get his hands on all the magical gems that are being stored there. Then, in “Gem Hunt” , Steven and Connie are excited to go on their first real hunt, following clues they’ve found online together. But the Gems have different plans for what constitutes a “real hunt.”

Finally, in “Crack the Whip” , after Jasper blames Peridot for allowing her to escape, Lapis decides to return home.

Steven Universe ‘s strengths: Steven Universe Filler List

These episodes (which originally aired as a block on Dec 19, 2016) demonstrate Steven Universe ‘s strengths and weaknesses well. One of the things I like about the show is its willingness to explore different ways for people to resolve conflict; almost every episode has some kind of battle, but how it gets resolved is often surprising. For example, in another episode I discussed here , the Gems faced off against Smoky Quartz to prevent them from freeing Peridot. The battle ended when Steven used his psychic powers to convince Smoky Quartz that the Gems were actually trying to help Peridot get home safely.

Kindergarten Kid: Steven Universe Filler List

That said, not all conflict can be resolved with a talking-it-out approach, as the Gems themselves illustrate in “Kindergarten Kid.” In this episode, Steven and Connie want to go on their first real Gem mission together. However, Pearl has other plans: she wants them to stay behind and help her clean up one of Lapis’s abandoned gemstones. It doesn’t help that Pearl is her usual stern self, and refuses to answer any of Steven’s questions about the mission.

Steven and Connie: Steven Universe Filler List

In a move that I found surprising, both Steven and Connie confront their mentors on what they feel is unfair treatment. They’re right – it would be helpful for them to know more about the magic gems – but it’s the way they go about it that’s interesting. Rather than sulk, they work together to figure things out for themselves. They observe Pearl using her magic to change the gem into a weapon, then use what they know about how gems work to infer that they might be able to alter their own Gem powers in some way by “shapeshifting” their bodies.


Their plan works, and they manage to free themselves from their physical constraints. Since Steven is actually a half-Gem, while Connie only has a quarter of a gem inside her body, the experience is very different for each of them. For Connie, it’s easy: all she has to do is use some strength to break apart her body. Steven, on the other hand, feels pain when he changes back into his human body. To make matters worse, the Crystal Gem is still in pursuit of him! Despite all that’s happened, Pearl’s first instinct is to attack Steven when he returns to his humanoid form.

Steven Learning:

The two eventually reconcile, but not before Steven learns an important lesson about what happens when you lie to someone who trusts you. “When I am lying, I am very, very still,” he says after the Gems try to use their powers (and fail) to determine whether or not he is being honest about how it feels like to shapeshift.

Of course, even though Steven does learn his lesson in the end, I still feel that the major conflict through the episode could have been resolved in a more straightforward manner. For example, Steven and Connie could have simply asked Pearl to tell them what was going on instead of trying to use their gem powers without her permission.

Gem Hunt:

As for “Gem Hunt,” it’s a bit lighter than “Kindergarten Kid,” since it doesn’t have a clear resolution. Instead, Garnet and Connie simply follow the clues they’ve found online about two new gem monsters who are hunting in the area. When they finally discover where both beasts are coming from, they halt a wild goose chase involving a third monster created by Jasper in an attempt to trick Peridot into thinking that she is still in control.

After a brief skirmish, the gems manage to defuse the situation and talk things out with Peridot. This actually makes a lot of sense, since I’ve always felt that Jasper never really wanted to work with Peridot; she was simply taking advantage of her for her own personal gain. As Garnet says in the episode, “Jasper wants to fight her war; Peridot wants to go home.”

The Real Conflict:

The real conflict of this episode is less about Jasper vs. Peridot, and more about individualism vs. group think. While I admire how lovely it is for Steven Universe to actually acknowledge its disability themes, the conflict is resolved a bit too easily to feel satisfying. Sure, you can argue that it’s just an episode, and we shouldn’t analyze every detail in order to find problems with it. However, “Gem Hunt” highlights a lot of the show’s flaws when it comes to portraying difficult situations.

Still, I do think it’s great that we get to see Garnet and Connie working together again, since it does make up for the lack of interaction between Steven and Connie in “Kindergarten Kid.” And I also like how Peridot and Amethyst (who has a nice design with her tattoos this episode) both think they’re the only ones on Earth. A shame, though, that we don’t get to see a real fight between Jasper and Garnet.

All in all, this episode makes me long for the epic showdowns that have been teased since the first season – I just want something more explosive! But with only four episodes left of 2014, it looks like we’ll have to wait until next year for that to happen.

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