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One Punch Man Filler List is an action and comedy manga, the anime adaptation will be produced by Madhouse studio between October and December 2015. It began to be published in Young Jump magazine since 2112 and it is currently published by Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha. The protagonist of this series is Saitama who has a strange power that he cannot be injured by anything, with a bald head and also have a very unique character that makes him different from any other manga or anime characters. Also he is considered the strongest in the world with only one punch, but this does not mean that it is not a threat to him, just because of his strong power he has been bored from being so powerful.

One Punch Man Filler List:

The Strongest Man:

1 The Strongest Man MANGA CANON 2015-10-04
2 The Lone Cyborg MANGA CANON 2015-10-11
3 The Obsessive Scientist MANGA CANON 2015-10-18
4 The Modern Ninja MANGA CANON 2015-10-25
5 The Ultimate Mentor MANGA CANON 2015-11-01
6 The Terrifying City MANGA CANON 2015-11-08
7 The Ultimate Disciple MANGA CANON 2015-11-15
8 The Deep Sea King MANGA CANON 2015-11-22
9 Unyielding Justice MANGA CANON 2015-11-29
10 Unparalleled Peril MANGA CANON 2015-12-06
11 The Dominator of the Universe MANGA CANON 2015-12-13
12 The Strongest Hero MANGA CANON 2015-12-20

The Hero’s Return:

13 The Hero’s Return MANGA CANON 2019-04-09
14 The Human Monster MANGA CANON 2019-04-16
15 The Hunt Begins MANGA CANON 2019-04-23
16 The Metal Bat MANGA CANON 2019-04-30
17 The Martial Arts Tournament MANGA CANON 2019-05-07
18 The Monster Uprising MANGA CANON 2019-05-14
19 The Class S Heroes MANGA CANON 2019-05-21
20 The Resistance of the Strong MANGA CANON 2019-05-28
21 The Troubles of the Strongest MANGA CANON 2019-06-11
22 Justice Under Siege MANGA CANON 2019-06-18
23 The Varieties of Pride MANGA CANON 2019-06-25
24 The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt MANGA CANON 2019-07-02

Episode 9: Mysterious Thief Phantom Ninja

Between One Punch Man episode 1 and 2, there was an episode that did not appear in the original manga. It tells the story of a mysterious thief named Phantom Ninja, who is very powerful and can steal anything whoever he wants without being noticed. He was pursued by some people after stealing some jewels from them, but they were unable to catch him because his speed is too fast. But when Genos began to follow him on his motorcycle, he actually caught him on time and then Phantom Ninja challenged Genos to fight against him before escaping again.

One Punch Man Episode 10: Unrivaled Cat Fight

The filler episode between One Punch man 2-3 deals with Fubuki’s past as she became an S-Class Rank 2 Hero after defeating Crablante who is also one of the city’s most powerful. But his efforts are not enough to stop the monster attack in the city, so there is only one solution for this situation.

Episode 12: Martial Arts Tournament

The filler episode between One Punch man 9-10, Saitama wants to participate in a martial arts tournament that will be held soon. However, he must defeat King first before being able to access it because King is participating with many other martial arts fighters who rank much higher than Saitama. Therefore, this battle can attract worldwide attention that even Genos wants to come along with him. Finally after their victory over King they are now qualified to enter the tournament.

One Punch Man Episode 13: The Terror of Invisible Kapa

Between One Punch Man episode 9 and 10, there was an episode that did not appear in the original manga. A criminal named Kapa begins to leave a trail of destruction across the city streets is now being pursued by Saitama who does not want it to become his enemy again.

Episode 15: The Ultimate Master

This filler episode is between One Punch man 11-12, Garou plans the attack on Fang after realizing he has always been hiding something from him. It’s about Fang’s mysterious master who has appeared without anyone knowing where he came from or what he wants. Meanwhile, King appears before Metal Bat to inform him that his master will be doing some activities but no one knows if this is true or false until they find out for themselves. There was also an episode that shows how Sneck first met his master.

One Punch Man Episode 16: The Deep Sea King

The filler episode between One Punch man 12-13 tells the story of Bakuzan who is one of the Terrible Trio members who work for the Monster Association. Their mission is to eliminate all monsters in the city except Sea King, he wants to use this monster as an act of vengeance against Saitama even though it becomes a joke after being defeated by him. Therefore, they have planned a new strategy before attacking Saitama and his friends without knowing if people can resist them or not.

On a side note, there was also an episode that does not appear in original manga, it tells the story of Suiryu who was attending university and he is so sure that Saitama will not be able to defeat him. Therefore, he proposed a challenge for Saitama and Genos who finally accepts his offer and they really did not expect what happened next.

One Punch Man Episode 17: Evil Intent Hidden Behind a Mask

The filler episode between One Punch man 13-14 tells the story of another girl named Fubuki. She has lost her parents during an incident when she was still young, this incident made her become very frustrated with herself because she believed that she could do anything if she had power like other people.

One day, she met a man who has given her an opportunity to become stronger, the only condition is that she must be loyal to him. The next scene was when Fubuki became insane after losing her friend when fighting against monsters. While somewhere in the city appears a strange man wearing a mask named Giran who wants to prove his strength by challenging Saitama in battle. But this battle will not last long because there is only one outcome where they are evenly matched with each other.

One Punch Man Episode 18: Dream or Reality

The filler episode between One Punch man 14-15 tells the story of Bone and his brother whose name is Orochi which he also wanted to defeat Garou because of what happened before between them. In this episode Garou tells them that if they can land a punch on him, he will let Bone and Orochi go without any punishment. However, this challenge is not as easy as it seems because Garou has the ability to predict all his attacks and avoid them easily.

One Punch Man Episode 19: A Lone Prayer

This filler episode occurs between One Punch man 15-16, The Hero Association has received information about a monster appearing in Kariu city which is still waiting for an heir. Henos immediately goes into battle with that monster alone but Saitama follows behind him after he remembers what happened before between them. Genos tries to defeat the monster by himself even though it’s dangerous but what happens next was he is brutally defeated by this monster. Genos has survived the brutal beatdown but his arms are broken and he needs to be taken back to headquarters immediately. Saitama becomes very angry after what happened before with Garou so he decides to fight alone against the monster who has an overwhelming strength even though Mumen Rider tried to stop him.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 20: The Most Evil Death Row Convicts

The filler episode between One Punch man 16-17 shows us how King, Silver Fang, Psykos and Tatsumaki have become part of the Hero Association. This tells the story of when Mumen Rider was still a C Class hero until one day where everything changed after meeting Tornado. He then became a B Class hero after defeating the monsters.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 21: Emperor of Darkness

The filler episode between One Punch man 18-19 tells us about Flashy Flash who is looking for his master named Atomic Samurai to kill him. However, during their battle Atomic Samurai manages to block one of his attacks with just a sword which made Flash’s anger even stronger because he thought that was not possible without being able to use both hands.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 22: The Deep Sea King

This filler episode happens between One Punch man 19-20, it shows us how Suiryu became a hero and what happened before Fubuki meet Saitama and Genos in the city. Furthermore, we also know the identity of Saint who has been observing Fubuki since the beginning. In this episode we also see a new monster appear in the city who wants to fight against Fubuki because she is one of his targets.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 23: The Strongest Hero

This filler episode happens between One Punch man 21-22, it tells us how Tatsumaki became a hero and her first battle against Psykos. Also how Tornado has been practicing his motorcycle skill with an ability that will allow him to become even better at what he does best. Furthermore, we also know why King became part of the Heroes Association which was due of being saved by someone named Zaizen during a landslide accident when he was still young. In this episode Genos meets Sonic for the first time and they immediately become friends. One of the biggest highlights of this episode is when Genos shows to Sonic how he can use his chips to power up his robotic arm which makes him very excited about it.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 24: The New Hero

This filler episode so called “filler” happens between One Punch man 22-23, where we know why Charanko has been dreaming about becoming a hero and how he was able to recruit Tatsumaki as one of the character members in his team. Furthermore, we met Silver Fang for the 1st time even though everyone already knows who he is because he hides his face with a mask like Garou that you can see across the whole city without people wondering who he is. Also, we met the new generation of S Class heroes which are Tatsumaki, Metal Bat and Watchdog Man (Minotaur). One of the biggest highlights of this episode is Watchdog Man vs Silver Fang because that fight was pretty hype with all those flashy moves.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 25: The Hero Hunt

This filler episode happens between One Punch man 24-25 where we know why Atomic Samurai has recruited Mumen Rider as part of his team by saving him from almost dying during a battle against Crablante who is an S Class monster. Furthermore, Genos also meets up with Hellish Blizzard for the first time but they have already fought each other before so they both know how powerful they are when they are fighting at their maximum. The highlight of this episode is when Hellish Blizzard recommends Genos to become the disciple of Saitama which makes him excited about it and we know that Genos is just a step away from becoming an official disciple.

One Punch Man Filler List Episode 26: Declaration of War

This filler episode happens between One Punch man 25-26 where we see why Crablante became a monster and how Bang has been able to fight against them by himself without needing any help from his students except for Charanko who he always goes on patrol with him. Furthermore, Garou lost his memory after being defeated by Suiryu so he meets up with Agoni who takes care of him because he doesn’t remember anything about him and his identity.

One Punch Man Filler List 27: The Terrifying City

This filler episode happens between One Punch man 26-27 where we see how Suiryu has been training the new generation of martial artists by teaching them some techniques that they can use to fight against monsters and other S Class heroes who are trying to harm their citizens. Furthermore, we know about a monster named Mosquito Girl which uses her mosquito’s as weapons so she sucks blood from her victims and also Parasite King is still sleeping until someone wakes him up because it will be bad for everyone if he suddenly wakes up so he only wakes up when he feels like having some fun.

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