My Hero Academia Filler List

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My Hero Academia Filler List has always explored the fine line between hero and villain brilliantly, but now it’s more evident than ever after the events of this bifurcated season. It is with newfound empathy and anxiety that My Hero Academia heads into its season five finale. There’s a renewed sense of tension between the Pro Heroes Association and the Paranormal Liberation Front that hasn’t existed in years. Having properly invested the audience in both sides of this looming war, “The High, Deep Blue Sky” takes a moment to set the stage for season six.You can see the list on sparkanime

My Hero Academia Filler List

“The High, Deep Blue Sky” is not without its charm, but it mostly serves as a capstone to the events of this season or a prologue to the chaos of next year. As an afterthought, it feels as if the real finale was last week’s last episode-a pleasant one nonetheless. It’s a long-awaited return for My Hero Academia to its heroes, and this is an episode that wants to showcase them at their best. The reunion lacks a lot of substance and feels more like a glorified Quirk showcase, but it’s obviously created with a great deal of love for these characters.

My Hero Academia Filler List

SEASON 1 (1 TO 13)

My Hero Academia premiered on April 3rd, 2016. As a result of that day, My Hero Academia became one of the most influential anime of all time. As Izuku Midoriya is born without a quirk, the first season explores his daily struggles in life. Despite his sadness, he does not give up.

He then meets All Might, the strongest hero, who decides to train Midoriya and support his dream of becoming the best. There are still a lot of obstacles to overcome for him.

1 Izuku Midoriya: Origin MANGA CANON 2016-04-03
2 What It Takes To Be a Hero MANGA CANON 2016-04-10
3 Roaring Muscles MANGA CANON 2016-04-17
4 Start Line MANGA CANON 2016-04-24
5 What I Can Do for Now MANGA CANON 2016-05-01
6 Rage, You Damn Nerd MANGA CANON 2016-05-08
7 Deku vs. Kacchan MANGA CANON 2016-05-15
8 Bakugo’s Start Line MANGA CANON 2016-05-22
9 Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida! MANGA CANON 2016-05-29
10 Encounter With the Unknown MANGA CANON 2016-06-05
11 Game Over MANGA CANON 2016-06-12
12 All Might MANGA CANON 2016-06-19
13 In Each of Our Hearts MANGA CANON 2016-06-26

My Hero Academia Filler List

SEASON 2 (14 TO 38)

‘My Hero Academia’ season two premiered on April 1st of this year. In this season, the U.A Sports Festival Arc is combined with the Vs. Hero Killer Arc. During the same season, there was also a Final Exam Arc.

It includes our heroes preparing their best to show the world what they can do. A mysterious opponent showed up at a Sports Festival where everyone could showcase his or her quirks. In the second season, a unique conflict occurs. There is a lot to look forward to for MHA fans this season.

14That’s the Idea, OchacoMANGA CANON2017-04-01
15Roaring Sports FestivalMANGA CANON2017-04-08
16In Their Own Quirky WaysMANGA CANON2017-04-15
17Strategy, Strategy, StrategyMANGA CANON2017-04-22
18Cavalry Battle FinaleMANGA CANON2017-04-29
19The Boy Born With EverythingMANGA CANON2017-05-06
20Victory or DefeatMANGA CANON2017-05-13
21Battle on, Challengers!MANGA CANON2017-05-20
22Bakugo vs. UrarakaMANGA CANON2017-05-27
23Shoto Todoroki: OriginMANGA CANON2017-06-03
24Fight on, IidaMANGA CANON2017-06-10
25Todoroki vs. BakugoMANGA CANON2017-06-17
26Time To Pick Some NamesMANGA CANON2017-06-24
27Bizarre! Gran Torino AppearsMANGA CANON2017-07-08
28Midoriya and ShigarakiMANGA CANON2017-07-15
29Hero Killer: Stain vs. U.A. StudentsMANGA CANON2017-07-22
30ClimaxMANGA CANON2017-07-29
31The Aftermath of Hero Killer: StainMANGA CANON2017-08-05
32Everyone’s InternshipsANIME CANON2017-08-12
33Listen Up!! A Tale From the PastMANGA CANON2017-08-19
34Gear up for Final ExamsMANGA CANON2017-09-02
35Yaoyorozu: RisingMANGA CANON2017-09-09
36Stripping the VarnishMANGA CANON2017-09-16
37Katsuki Bakugo: OriginMANGA CANON2017-09-23
38EncounterMANGA CANON2017-09-30

My Hero Academia Filler List

SEASON 3 (39 TO 63) My Hero Academia Filler List

In April of 2018, MHA’s third season was released. The adventure includes the Forest Training Camp, Hideout Raid, and Provisional Hero License Exam arcs. At the end, we also see the beginning of the Shie Hassaikai Arc, which is super intriguing. In the beginning of the story, Class 1-A and B are training with the pro heroes that are making them better.

This can be considered an internship. Midoriya, on the other hand, had the strangest training and you can see it in the season.

39 Game Start FILLER 2018-04-07
40 Wild, Wild Pussycats MANGA CANON 2018-04-14
41 Kota MANGA CANON 2018-04-21
42 My Hero MANGA CANON 2018-04-28
43 Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! MANGA CANON 2018-05-05
44 Roaring Upheaval MANGA CANON 2018-05-12
45 What a Twist! MANGA CANON 2018-05-19
46 From Iida to Midoriya MANGA CANON 2018-05-26
47 All For One MANGA CANON 2018-06-02
48 Symbol of Peace MANGA CANON 2018-06-09
49 One For All MANGA CANON 2018-06-16
50 End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End MANGA CANON 2018-06-23
51 Moving Into Dorms MANGA CANON 2018-06-30
52 Create Those Ultimate Moves MANGA CANON 2018-07-14
53 The Test MANGA CANON 2018-07-21
54 Shiketsu High Lurking MANGA CANON 2018-07-28
55 Class 1-A MIXED CANON/FILLER 2018-08-04
56 RUSH! MANGA CANON 2018-08-11
57 Rescue Exercises MANGA CANON 2018-08-18
58 Special Episode: Save the World With Love! FILLER 2018-08-25
59 What’s the Big Idea? MANGA CANON 2018-09-01
60 A Talk About Your Quirk MANGA CANON 2018-09-08
61 Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2018-09-15
62 A Season for Encounters MANGA CANON 2018-09-22
63 Unrivaled MANGA CANON 2018-09-29

My Hero Academia Filler List

SEASON 4 (64 TO 88) My Hero Academia Filler List

My Hero Academia’s fourth season was released on October 12th, 2019. The manga is divided into the Shie Hassaiki, Remedial Course, and U.A School Festival Arcs. When the Pro Hero Arc was first introduced, fans were blown away. A total of 25 episodes comprise this season.

Our heroes are now expected to perform their tasks, but there is a new interference that will prevent them from doing their work as usual. Season 4 of MHA will feature a lot of heated battles.

64 The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A FILLER 2019-10-12
65 Overhaul MANGA CANON 2019-10-19
66 Boy Meets… MANGA CANON 2019-10-26
67 Fighting Fate MANGA CANON 2019-11-09
68 Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot MANGA CANON 2019-11-16
69 An Unpleasant Talk MANGA CANON 2019-11-23
70 GO!! MANGA CANON 2019-11-30
71 Suneater of the Big Three MANGA CANON 2019-12-07
72 Red Riot MANGA CANON 2019-12-14
73 Temp Squad MANGA CANON 2019-12-21
74 Lemillion MANGA CANON 2019-12-28
75 Unforeseen Hope MANGA CANON 2020-01-04
76 Infinite 100% MANGA CANON 2020-01-11
77 Bright Future MANGA CANON 2020-01-18
78 Smoldering Flames MANGA CANON 2020-01-25
79 Win Those Kids’ Hearts MANGA CANON 2020-02-01
80 Relief for License Trainees MANGA CANON 2020-02-08
81 School Festival MANGA CANON 2020-02-15
82 Prepping for the School Festival Is the Most Fun Part MANGA CANON 2020-02-22
83 Gold Tips Imperial MANGA CANON 2020-02-29
84 Deku vs. Gentle Criminal MANGA CANON 2020-03-07
85 School Festival Start!! MANGA CANON 2020-03-14
86 Let It Flow! School Festival! MANGA CANON 2020-03-21
87 Japanese Hero Billboard Chart MANGA CANON 2020-03-28
88 His Start MANGA CANON 2020-04-04

My Hero Academia Filler List

SEASON 5 (89 TO 113) My Hero Academia Filler List

The My Hero Academia season 2021, which was released on March 27, is one of the most popular seasons ever. At this point, MHA is so popular that the dub version is being released along with the subbed version.

MHA has reached that level of popularity. It includes the Joint Training Arc, the Meta Liberation Army Arc, and the Endeavor Agency Arc from the manga. The Paranormal Liberation War Arc was introduced at the end of season 5. 

89 All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A MIXED CANON/FILLER 2021-03-27
90 Vestiges MANGA CANON 2021-04-03
91 Clash! Class A vs. Class B! MANGA CANON 2021-04-10
92 Make It Happen, Shinso! MANGA CANON 2021-04-17
93 Operation New Improv Moves MANGA CANON 2021-04-24
94 Foresight MANGA CANON 2021-05-01
95 Match 3 MANGA CANON 2021-05-08
96 Match 3 Conclusion MANGA CANON 2021-05-15
97 Early Bird! MANGA CANON 2021-05-22
98 That Which Is Inherited MANGA CANON 2021-05-29
99 Our Brawl MANGA CANON 2021-06-05
100 The New Power and All For One MANGA CANON 2021-06-12
101 Have a Merry Christmas! MANGA CANON 2021-06-19
102 Off to Endeavor’s Agency! MANGA CANON 2021-06-26
103 One Thing at a Time MANGA CANON 2021-07-10
104 Long Time No See, Selkie FILLER 2021-07-17
105 The Hellish Todoroki Family MANGA CANON 2021-07-24
106 The Unforgiven MANGA CANON 2021-07-31
107 More of a Hero Than Anyone MANGA CANON 2021-08-14
108 My Villain Academia MANGA CANON 2021-08-21
109 Revival Party MANGA CANON 2021-08-28
110 Sad Man’s Parade MANGA CANON 2021-09-04
111 Tenko Shimura: Origin MANGA CANON 2021-09-11
112 Tomura Shigaraki: Origin MANGA CANON 2021-09-18
113 The High, Deep Blue Sky MANGA CANON 2021-09-25

My Hero Academia Filler List

The adventures of My Hero Academia are at your fingertips in this thrilling game! Experience the action of the hit anime, and fight against villains alongside your friends!

Musutafu, an African city with its many heroes and students, is home to University of Africa , with its many students and heroes. Explore the streets, greet its citizens, and battle villains who threaten the world’s safety. Create a squad out of your favorite MHA characters! You can train, equip, and even feed them! So you can reach the top!

1. Game Start (Episode 39) – Filler

Game Start 1

Kurogiri and Tomura are watching All Might on television. Kurogiri turns it off since Tomura dislikes both Midoriya and All Might at the moment. Tomura then discusses his hatred for Hero Killer Stains and Midoriya. They irritate him so much that he wants to destroy them completely. Tomura finally realizes that All MIght gives everyone hope by smiling and that’s the reason he becomes irritated.

When Tomura leaves, he immediately begins planning how he can make a world without All Might. In addition, he wants to show the world that society is very weak despite having heroes like All Might and the others.

Game Start 2

Izuku begins to train more after the end of his current semester. In spite of this, he feels strangely intimidated by All Might’s power.

Midoriya is training at the pool when Minoru Mineta interrupts him. Since Class 1-A cannot go on vacations, the only option is to use the School’s swimming pool. Minoru and the other boys are in for a treat today since the school has provided swimsuits to all the ladies. Game Start 3

Bakugo challenges Midoriya immediately, but Midoriya declines the challenge. Tenya instead makes Izuku race in the pool. Every boy has a different way of swimming and reaching the other end of the pool.

All Might encounters the Tsukauchi Detective after the pool incident since everyone suspects that he is involved with the League of Villains. Similarly, our MCs are entering the final phase of their race. A race is about to begin between Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto. In that moment, Aizawa sensei arrives and slams everyone out of the pool. Bakugo, as he always is, is angry at everyone because he was so certain that he would win.

Midoriya visits the Municipal Beach Part after leaving the swimming pool, where he meets All Might. Tomura Shigaraki calls someone at the end of this episode and tells them that “New Game” will be starting shortly.

2. Class 1-A (Episode 55) – Mixed

Class 1-A 3

In this episode, Shoto is surrounded by ten students from Seijin High School. Shoto’s class leader calls him overconfident and naive for working alone since everyone looks at him. This is where their fight begins, and Shoto attacks the students with his abilities. They deflected his quirk, however, by using their water quirks. Their strategy is very straightforward. It’s just a matter of negating Shoto’s attacks with their unique quirks. The students of Seijin High School are frozen when Shoto defeats them.

Class 1-A

In contrast, Momo, Tsuyu Kyoka, and Mezo all enter a building because they couldn’t find their fellows. Where Kyoka’s ears started to explode was where she was injured by sudden loud music. The students realize that they are being deprived of their powers because Momo is good at detecting people from the outside and is being attacked.

This technique was created by Saiko, who was inspired by Midoriya and decided not to give up so quickly.  Then Kyoka comes into play, where she makes a sound loud enough to put everyone to sleep. Saiko is the only one awake now.

Class 1-A 2

They chose to save Saiko and her friends despite the fact that they could have fled the building easily. At that point, Saiko became flustered and admitted defeat.

In contrast, Bakugo, Kirishima, and Denki are all forced to fight Seiji Shishikura in an unknown city. Kirishima becomes flesh and blood when he is saved by Seiji. Seiji is super pissed and challenges Bakugo to a fight where he cannot run. According to Aizawa, he is not worried about his class because they are from Class 1-A.

3. Special Episode: Save The World With Love! (Episode 58) – Filler

Save the World with Love

Midoriya says that everyone should sit for their license exam right now in this filler episode. All Might, however, says that the exam is going to get interesting so forget all about it. Midoriya is being told a story about saving the world from heroes by using the power of LOVE! Aizawa chooses a few students and gives them a special class. There are five students; Tenya, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki.

Save the World with Love 2

Everyone must become a detective and capture a villain. We don’t know who the villain is, but we know that only Pro Heroes were asked by the police to capture him. Kabugo orders Uraraka to look into the building and tell them how many villains are inside.  The heroes finally solve the case and reveal Midnight’s love for the villain.

Save the World with Love 3

Immediately after our heroes have solved the mystery, Aizawa enters and ends the training, deducting Midoriya’s points and giving everyone a zero. The training is a failure. The reason is simple. Izawa said that their mistake was not tying up the villain and assuming that he was a corpse.

4. The Scoop On U.A. Class 1-A (Episode 64) – Filler

Scoop on UA 2

Juko News reports that All Might is retiring after this fight with One For All. Taneo Tokuda becomes the new champion. He is a freelance journalist who wants to help them find the best scoop. After analyzing the whole situation, he concludes that All Might’s last message wasn’t for his villains, but for the students of Class 1-A, especially the one he chose to succeed him.

Scoop on UA 3

Aizawa introduces Taneo to Class 1-A. The interviewer now wants to interview Class 1-A, so Aizawa explains the class situation. Aizawa-sensei let the guy continue to work even though he knew something was amiss.

Scoop on UA

After taking pictures and recording everyone’s daily lives, Taneo concludes that Midoriya is All Might’s successor. YES! Due to his respect for our MC and his passion, Taneo decides not to write due to the beautiful relationship between Midoriya and All Might.

5. Long Time No See, Selkie (Episode 104) – Filler

Long Time no See Selkie

The first day of Hero Work Studies has been completed by Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto. Midoriya is curious about how Uraraka’s studies are going. The girls are notified the following morning that a forest in Kaflin was destroyed in an explosion. Sirius thinks the ship lies somewhere in Verize Island, where they encounter the Oki Mariner Crew.

Long Time no See Selkie 2

During the night, Tsyuyu and Uraraka join Selkie. As soon as they catch the smugglers, they find another cargo plane with the chemical. Our heroes have been diverted! In this episode, our heroes defeated the bad guys and enjoyed the beach!

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My Hero Academia Filler List

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