Inspirational Anime Quotes

50+ Inspirational Anime Quotes【WORTH READING】

Inspirational Anime Quotes


  • Quote 1

“If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future!” —Monkey D. Luffy

  • Quote 2

“Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar.” —Monkey D. Luffy

  • Quote 3
You are an incredible being, you gave the best of yourself and that’s why I admire you. You went through several transformations, you were so powerful that all of us hated you. (They are Goku)
  • Quote 4
Do not live with falsehoods or fears, because you will end up hating yourself. (Uzumaki Naruto)
  • Quote 5
I do not care if the gods exist or not, I am the master of my life; I pass from religious themes, but I will never belittle someone who believes in them. (Roronoa Zoro)
  • Quote 6
Isn’t heaven amazing? No matter how many times you look at it, it is never the same twice. This sky of now only exists in this instant. (Hitsugaya Toushiro)
  • Quote 7
Get up and walk forward, you have the legs to do it. (Edward elric)
  • Quote 8
No matter how skilled you are, you alone cannot change the world. But that is the wonder of the world. (L.)
  • Quote 9
There was a woman, it was the first time that I met someone who was truly alive. At least, that’s what I thought. She was … the part of me that I lost somewhere along the way, the part that was missing, the part that I wanted. (Spike) 
  • Quote 10
People have different ways of thinking, even when they make a mistake … If the person realizes his mistake, he may correct it, if you keep your vision clear you will see the future, that’s what this is about. life … (Vash Stampede)
  • Quote 11
If happiness had a shape, it would have a crystal shape, because it can be around you without you noticing it. But if you change your perspective, it can reflect a light capable of illuminating everything. (Lelouch)
  • Quote 12
No one can perfectly understand another person, it is difficult enough to understand oneself, perhaps that is why life is so interesting. (Ryoji Kaji)
  • Quote 13
 If you don’t have happy memories, it’s never too late to start building them. (Dr. Tenma)
  • Quote 14
People need fear in order to survive. We experience it, and thus we can become stronger. (Maka)
  • Quote 15
 The pain disappears over time. But I don’t want to be cured by time, because when you run away from pain, with the desire to forget, the only thing you can do is get stuck. You become unable to go on. (Ciel Phantomhive)
  • Quote 16
 Listen well Simon, and don’t forget it. Believe in yourself. Not in the me that believes in you. Nor in the you who believes in me. Believe in the you … who believe in yourself! (Kamina)
  • Quote 17
If you can’t do something, don’t do it, focus on what you can do. (Shiroe)
  • Quote 18
They say that people can change, but … Is that true? If they decide they want to fly, do they have wings? I do not think so. You do not have to change, but how you do things. You have to create a way to fly while still being the same. (Sora)
  • Quote 19
People continually hurt each other, it is understandable why they doubt so much, but … living without being able to trust anyone … is the same as living without feeling the love of others. (Yusuke Yoshino)
  • Quote 20
Humans cannot live without memories … But neither can they live only on memories (Michiru)
  • Quote 21
At that time we wanted to grow to do what we wanted. But if I think about it, we will never be as free again as then. (Anaru)
  • Quote 22
No particular reasons are needed to help someone. (Leo’s aioria)
  • Quote 23
 It is very easy to hurt others without realizing it, especially when you are young. (Genma Saotome)
  • Quote 24
Assuming the worst and doing the best is the method of a true strategist. (Nijima)
  • Quote 25
Don’t die for your friends, live for them. (Erza Scarlet)
  • Quote 26
You can die at any time, but living requires courage. (Kenshi Himura)
  • Quote 27
Miserable people need more miserable people than they do to feel happy. (Lucy)
  • Quote 28
If you pretend to feel somehow, in the end that feeling will become part of you without you realizing it. (Hei)
  • Quote 29
 In life many decisions have to be made; whether those decisions are correct or not, no one knows. So people often choose what they think is correct. (Benika Juzawa)
  • Quote 30
 It is easy to lose your calm, more difficult is to keep it (Yoh Asakura)
  • Quote 31
 Since we were born … All of us … We are free! No matter how strong those who stop us are … Fight! If that’s why, I don’t mind dying! No matter how terrible this world is! … No matter how cruel it is! Fight!! (Eren Jagger)
  • Quote 32
Stupidity is much more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has limits, stupidity does not. (Killua)
  • Quote 33
There are two kinds of people, those who smile because they are happy and those who smile to make others see that they are happy (Sawada Tsunayoshi)
  • Quote 34
 If this is the worst day of your life, then you should know that tomorrow will be better. (Marco Ikusaba)
  • Quote 35
I know I can’t love you the way you want, but I’m going to love you the best way I know how. (Inuyasha)
  • Quote 36
Trust your impulses, and even your own thoughts will not betray you. (Shuichi)
  • Quote 37
 Life is neither good nor bad, it is simply wonderful. (TK)
  • Quote 38
Remember, in our life we ​​are not readers, but writers. (Gintoki)
  • Quote 39
What is being strong? I suspect that being strong is not only a matter of power, the person who finds a reason to fight for is strong, and dedicates himself body and soul to it. (Sakura)
  • Quote 40
There are things that are beautiful for the simple fact of not being able to possess them. (Gilgamesh)
  • Quote 41
It doesn’t matter how much others love me … it doesn’t matter how much they love others … If I don’t find it correct, I won’t. (Shana)
  • Quote 42
I want to be strong enough to hit the weak that I am today. (Ganta)
  • Quote 43
The world is not as bad as you think. (Celty)
  • Quote 44
Surrender is what destroys people, when you refuse with all your heart to surrender then you transcend your humanity, even before death never give up. (Alucard)
  • Quote 45
Even if you were to stray from the right path, never stray from what your heart has decided. (Rin Okumura)
  • Quote 46
Dreams begin when you believe in them. (Suzumiya Haruhi)
  • Quote 47
​​Love is like believing in UFOs, you have never seen them but you do not lose hope of seeing them. (Minorin)
  • Quote 48
What matters is not what others think of you, but how you feel about them. (Meliodas)
  • Quote 49
Trees scream in pain as they die, but you cannot hear them. (Saint)
  • Quote 50
Time waits for no one. (Board)

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