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Hunter x Hunter Filler List Guide:

Hunter x Hunter Filler List is one of the best-selling manga series in Japan. It also has a huge fandom abroad. But unfortunately, its English localizations are infamous for being incomplete and riddled with errors. You can see the list on sparkanime.

Hunter x Hunter (2011): Hunter Exam Arc 1-21

1 Departure × And × Friends MANGA CANON 2011-10-02
2 Test × Of × Tests MANGA CANON 2011-10-09
3 Rivals × For × Survival MANGA CANON 2011-10-16
4 Hope × And × Ambition MANGA CANON 2011-10-23
5 Hisoka × Is So × Sneaky MANGA CANON 2011-10-30
6 An × Unexpected × Task MANGA CANON 2011-11-06
7 Showdown × On The × Airship MANGA CANON 2011-11-13
8 Decision × By × Majority? MANGA CANON 2011-11-20
9 Beware × Of × Prisoners MANGA CANON 2011-11-27
10 Trick × To The × Trick MANGA CANON 2011-12-04
11 Trouble × With The × Gamble MANGA CANON 2011-12-11
12 Last × Test Of × Resolve! MIXED CANON/FILLER 2011-12-18
13 Letter × From × Gon FILLER 2011-12-25
14 Hit × The × Target MANGA CANON 2012-01-08
15 Explosion × Of × Deception MANGA CANON 2012-01-15
16 Defeat × And × Disgrace MANGA CANON 2012-01-22
17 Trap × In The × Hole MANGA CANON 2012-01-29
18 Big × Time × Interview MANGA CANON 2012-02-05
19 Can’t Win × And × Can’t Lose MANGA CANON 2012-02-12
20 Baffling × Turn Of × Events MANGA CANON 2012-02-19
21 Some × Brother × Trouble MANGA CANON 2012-03-04

Zoldyck Family Saga And Tower Of Heaven 22-37

22 A × Dangerous × Watchdog MANGA CANON 2012-03-11
23 The × Guard’s × Duty MANGA CANON 2012-03-18
24 The × Zoldyck × Family MANGA CANON 2012-03-25
25 Can’t See × If × You’re Blind MANGA CANON 2012-04-01
26 Then × And × After FILLER 2012-04-08
27 Arrival × At × The Arena MANGA CANON 2012-04-15
28 Nen × And × Nen MANGA CANON 2012-04-22
29 Awakening × And × Potential MANGA CANON 2012-04-29
30 Fierce × And × Ferocious MANGA CANON 2012-05-06
31 Destiny × And × Tenacity MANGA CANON 2012-05-13
32 A × Surprising × Win MANGA CANON 2012-05-20
33 An × Empty × Threat MANGA CANON 2012-05-27
34 Power × To × Avenge MANGA CANON 2012-06-03
35 The × True × Pass MANGA CANON 2012-06-17
36 A Big Debt × And × A Small Kick MANGA CANON 2012-06-24
37 Ging × And × Gon MANGA CANON 2012-07-01

Hunter x Hunter (2011): Saga York Shin 38-58

38 Reply × From × Dad MANGA CANON 2012-07-08
39 Wish × And × Promise MANGA CANON 2012-07-15
40 Nen × Users × Unite? MANGA CANON 2012-07-22
41 Gathering × Of × Heroes MANGA CANON 2012-07-29
42 Defend × And × Attack MANGA CANON 2012-08-05
43 A × Shocking × Tragedy MANGA CANON 2012-08-12
44 Buildup × To A × Fierce Battle MANGA CANON 2012-08-19
45 Restraint × And × Vow MANGA CANON 2012-09-02
46 Chasing × And × Waiting MANGA CANON 2012-09-09
47 Condition × And × Condition MANGA CANON 2012-09-16
48 Very × Sharp × Eye MANGA CANON 2012-09-23
49 Pursuit × And × Analysis MANGA CANON 2012-09-30
50 Ally × And × Sword MANGA CANON 2012-10-07
51 A × Brutal × Battlefield MANGA CANON 2012-10-14
52 Assault × And × Impact MANGA CANON 2012-10-21
53 Fake × And × Psyche MANGA CANON 2012-10-28
54 Fortunes × Aren’t × Right? MANGA CANON 2012-11-04
55 Allies × And × Lies MANGA CANON 2012-11-11
56 Beloved × And × Beleaguered MANGA CANON 2012-11-18
57 Initiative × And × Law MANGA CANON 2012-12-02
58 Signal × To × Retreat MANGA CANON 2012-12-09

Greed Island Saga 59-75

59 Bid × And × Haste MANGA CANON 2012-12-16
60 End × And × Beginning MANGA CANON 2012-12-23
61 Invitation × And × Friend MANGA CANON 2013-01-06
62 Reality? × And × Raw MANGA CANON 2013-01-13
63 A × Hard × Master? MANGA CANON 2013-01-20
64 Strengthen × And × Threaten MANGA CANON 2013-01-27
65 Evil Fist × And × Rock-Paper-Scissors MANGA CANON 2013-02-03
66 Strategy × And × Scheme MANGA CANON 2013-02-10
67 15 × 15 MANGA CANON 2013-02-17
68 Pirates × And × Guesses MANGA CANON 2013-02-24
69 A × Heated × Showdown MANGA CANON 2013-03-03
70 Guts × And × Courage MANGA CANON 2013-03-10
71 Bargain × And × Deal MANGA CANON 2013-03-17
72 Chase × And × Chance MANGA CANON 2013-03-24
73 Insanity × And × Sanity MANGA CANON 2013-03-31
74 Victor × And × Loser MANGA CANON 2013-04-07
75 Ging’s Friends × And × True Friends MANGA CANON 2013-04-14

Chimera Ants Saga 76-135

76 Reunion × And × Understanding MANGA CANON 2013-04-21
77 Unease × And × Sighting MANGA CANON 2013-04-28
78 Very × Rapid × Reproduction MANGA CANON 2013-05-05
79 No × Good × NGL MANGA CANON 2013-05-12
80 Evil × And × Terrible MANGA CANON 2013-05-19
81 The × Fight × Begins MANGA CANON 2013-05-26
82 Kite × And × Slots MANGA CANON 2013-06-02
83 Inspiration × To × Evolve MANGA CANON 2013-06-09
84 A × Fated × Awakening MANGA CANON 2013-06-16
85 Light × And × Shadow MANGA CANON 2013-06-23
86 Promise × And × Reunion MANGA CANON 2013-06-30
87 Duel × And × Escape MANGA CANON 2013-07-07
88 Rock-Paper-Scissors × And × Weakness MANGA CANON 2013-07-14
89 Compassion × And × Strength MANGA CANON 2013-07-21
90 Slow × And × Cursed MANGA CANON 2013-07-28
91 The Strong × And × The Weak MANGA CANON 2013-08-04
92 One Wish × And × Two Promises MANGA CANON 2013-08-11
93 Date × With × Palm MANGA CANON 2013-08-18
94 Friend × And × Journey MANGA CANON 2013-09-01
95 Grudge × And × Dread MANGA CANON 2013-09-08
96 A × Lawless × Home MANGA CANON 2013-09-15
97 Carnage × And × Devastation MANGA CANON 2013-09-22
98 Infiltration × And × Selection MANGA CANON 2013-09-29
99 Combination × And × Evolution MANGA CANON 2013-10-09
100 Tracking × And × Pursuit MANGA CANON 2013-10-16
101 Ikalgo × And × Lightning MANGA CANON 2013-10-23
102 Power × And × Games MANGA CANON 2013-10-30
103 Check × And × Mate MANGA CANON 2013-11-06
104 Doubt × And × Hesitation MANGA CANON 2013-11-13
105 Resolve × And × Awakening MANGA CANON 2013-11-20
106 Knov × And × Morel MANGA CANON 2013-11-27
107 Return × And × Retire MANGA CANON 2013-12-04
108 Gungi × Of × Komugi MANGA CANON 2013-12-11
109 Taking Stock × And × Taking Action MANGA CANON 2013-12-18
110 Confusion × And × Expectation MANGA CANON 2013-12-25
111 Charge × And × Invade MANGA CANON 2014-01-08
112 Monster × And × Monster MANGA CANON 2014-01-15
113 An × Indebted × Insect MANGA CANON 2014-01-22
114 Divide × And × Conquer MANGA CANON 2014-01-29
115 Duty × And × Question MANGA CANON 2014-02-05
116 Revenge × And × Recovery MANGA CANON 2014-02-12
117 Insult × And × Payback MANGA CANON 2014-02-19
118 A × False × Rage MANGA CANON 2014-02-26
119 Strong × Or × Weak MANGA CANON 2014-03-05
120 Fake × And × Real MANGA CANON 2014-03-12
121 Defeat × And × Dignity MANGA CANON 2014-03-19
122 Pose × And × Name MANGA CANON 2014-03-26
123 Centipede × And × Memory MANGA CANON 2014-04-02
124 Breakdown × And × Awakening MANGA CANON 2014-04-09
125 Great Power × And × Ultimate Power MANGA CANON 2014-04-16
126 Zero × And × Rose MANGA CANON 2014-04-23
127 Hostility × And × Determination MANGA CANON 2014-04-30
128 Unparalleled Joy × And × Unconditional Love MANGA CANON 2014-05-07
129 Formidable Enemy × And × Clear Objective MANGA CANON 2014-05-14
130 Magic × To × Destroy MANGA CANON 2014-05-21
131 Anger × And × Light MANGA CANON 2014-05-28
132 Flash × And × Start MANGA CANON 2014-06-04
133 Deadline × To × Live MANGA CANON 2014-06-11
134 The Word × Is × You MANGA CANON 2014-06-18
135 This Day × And × This Moment MANGA CANON 2014-06-25

Saga Election of the Thirteenth President 136-148

136 Homecoming × And × Real Name MANGA CANON 2014-07-02
137 Debate × Among × Zodiacs MANGA CANON 2014-07-09
138 Request × And × Wish MANGA CANON 2014-07-16
139 Alluka × And × Something MANGA CANON 2014-07-23
140 Join Battle × And × Open Battle MANGA CANON 2014-07-30
141 Magician × And × Butler MANGA CANON 2014-08-06
142 Needle × And × Debt MANGA CANON 2014-08-13
143 Sin × And × Claw MANGA CANON 2014-08-20
144 Approval × And × Coalition MANGA CANON 2014-08-27
145 Defeat × And × Reunion MANGA CANON 2014-09-03
146 Chairman × And × Release MANGA CANON 2014-09-10
147 Salvation × And × Future MANGA CANON 2014-09-17
148 Past × And × Future MANGA CANON 2014-09-24

Episodes 53-54 = Filler

Togashi gets a lot of flak for his apparent lack of care for filling out the story but he admits in the back of Volume 30 that he had been pushed extremely hard by Shonen JUMP on a consistent release schedule and thus was forced to resort to fillers while he caught up with his backlog of manga chapters. In other words, Hunter x Hunter filler isn’t due to a lack of effort or interest from Togashi but rather it is purely a result of being forced to produce the manga on a set schedule while Togashi is steadily catching up with his backlog of chapters.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Shonen JUMP:

I should also add that it appears as though Shonen JUMP is attempting to run roughshod over Togashi and force him and Hunter x Hunter out of Jump with a continuous stream of post-hiatus fillers due to them being upset with the manga’s low sales numbers. These filler arcs are cutting into what little patience people have for the manga and forcing its fan base further away from the series’ anime adaptation. It seems as though they’re using these fillers as an excuse not to give Hunter x Hunter proper animation/art budget or even think about ending the series at all. Anybody who’s seen the abominable Hunter x Hunter Greed Island anime that was hardly an accurate depiction of the manga should know that this is a bad thing.


In any case, just take comfort in the fact that Togashi is only using fillers because he has been forced to by his publisher and not because he’s run out of ideas. In fact, you can tell the difference between canon and filler arcs by how often he skips around in terms of what parts of a story or character development take place when. Basically if an event occurs directly after another it will be considered canon since Togashi doesn’t have time to go back and redraw/retcon earlier chapters (he would’ve had to do this if he used fillers). For those who don’t know, redrawing/retconning refers to the act of going back and changing any story elements that already exist in a piece of work. It’s a common practice in manga but is not considered easy by any means.

Shonen manga:

Now, onto the actual guide proper! There are two types of filler arcs: Filler Arcs and Storyline Arcs. This guide will focus on filler arcs only since Togashi is doing his best to try and maintain some semblance of continuity with each storyline arc so they can all be watched/read as one cohesive unit. The fandom has been wondering why he would even bother trying since Hunter x Hunter started out as a quarterly release shonen manga (like Naruto) rather than a monthly shonen manga (like One Piece), but it’s actually very simple. Togashi had hoped to be able to tell more of a complete story with HxH than what Weekly Shonen Jump allows for at only 5 chapters per story arc, so he may as well try and do his best to keep from having to redraw/retcon anything important during the process. That means that you should treat each storyline arc as its own ‘filler-less’ unique continuity like Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Resurrection F .

Chimera Ant Arc:

To make things easy we will be starting with the first filler arc in Hunter x Hunter and work our way up to where we are now (which is currently known as Chapter 349). The next update will include Episodes 53-54 (the Greed Island OVA ) and the Chimera Ant arc, but after that we’ll just have to wait for Togashi’s manga updates. In any case, let’s get started with the first filler arc in Togashi’s popular shonen action series:

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Chapter 87 – Chairman Election Arc

Episodes 47-50 = Filler

This five episode mini-arc is a pretty big change of pace from what we’ve seen so far in HxH . It starts off with Gon and Killua going off to complete their training before they can officially become pro hunters by completing ‘test games’ at a mysterious location known as “Zaban City”. The objective of these test games is to obtain a set of numbered cards from the criminal underworld as proof that you’ve completed your task. The catch is that if you lose a single one of these cards, it’s considered ‘game over’ and you have to start from the beginning.

Gon And Killua’s Training:

The reason why this arc exists is because the Chairman Election arc was a bit too long for Togashi to complete in just 5 chapters so he needed to cut it off early and work on HxH filler instead. It must be noted that this isn’t abnormal for many manga authors since longer storylines are typically saved for monthly serialization rather than weekly serialization due to how difficult they can be. In other words, Togashi had intended to advance Gon and Killua’s training through this arc but he had to leave it aside in order to make more room for HxH filler. This is made abundantly clear by the fact that we get a very brief glimpse of some Greed Island characters (Gon and Killua’s next major task) during the final seconds of episode 48.

Episodes 51-52 = Filler

This one is pretty obvious since we’re at the start of an entirely new storyline with no prior mention of any events taking place in Zaban City. In fact, if you go back and watch/read up until Netero resigns from being Chairman you’ll notice that there were clearly two separate storylines going on between him winning his and quitting his position – both of which are completed within this single 10 episode arc in the manga. The anime decided to combine them into just one big filler arc in order to complete the Greed Island story and then move onto the election arc in a shorter amount of time.

Episodes 53-55 = Filler

The next thing we know for certain is that Netero has won his ‘test game’ by recovering all 100 of his numbered cards, so he’s now officially qualified as a pro hunter and he can finally begin taking on jobs with his new status. But when Gon and Killua join him in completing jobs they start finding out more about how the Hunter Association really operates behind the scenes: Namely that there’s a staggering amount of corruption among its high ranking members

Togashi’s Manga Story:

The reason why this arc exists is because Togashi’s manga story arcs are typically around 20-30 chapters long, that means that he needs to divide them up into smaller chunks if he wants his weekly serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump . Spanning multiple episodes at once isn’t uncommon when you look at many other popular manga published in the same magazine. For example, Yakitate Japan , Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters , and The Prince of Tennis all had their own filler arcs which spanned 10+ episodes each. They were able to do this because they’re based on already existing franchises which people really love – HxH doesn’t have that luxury so Togashi was forced to condense the next major arc into just two episodes.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Episodes 56-58 = Filler

The ‘election’ arc is finally underway and the Zodiacs are tasked with determining which 10 of them will be nominated for Netero’s replacement as Chairman! For those of you who don’t understand why this specific arc was chosen to be adapted as filler, it’s because there simply wasn’t enough room in 25 episodes to cover it properly so Togashi had no choice but to cut some corners. Fortunately it isn’t anything major (unlike many other manga that ended up getting axed by Jump ) since most of the important stuff can easily be covered within 3 or 4 episodes. It mostly consists of talking heads discussing the pros & cons of each Zodiac member as well as the politics at play between them, but it still manages to be quite interesting and entertaining even though we’re not seeing much action.

Episodes 59-60 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

This is probably the most unnecessary filler arc in HxH history since it consists entirely of an entire fight scene with no real important plot developments whatsoever, and what makes it worse is that we already know who’s going to win because we read about it in volume 33! But I suppose this was done for the sake of completeness (they couldn’t just skip a fight between two Zodiacs after all) so I won’t complain too loudly. It should be noted that there are some small changes from how things play out in the manga, but that’s to be expected since it’s hard to convey certain things within a 20 minute time limit.

Episodes 61-62 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

This is the first episode of filler content following an entire episode of pure recap material , and while I initially wanted to say it wasn’t really all that important I decided to include it anyway because it does actually feature some key plot points which are vital for moving forward with the story. The short version is that Gon finds out more about his father Ging ‘s past by reading an entry in the Book of Secrets, while Killua begins having nightmares about being burned alive which foreshadows an event concerning his older brother Illumi This arc will have some importance later on so I felt it was worth mentioning.

Episodes 63-65 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

This is another filler arc which works to expand on the story of one of the Zodiacs, but this time it’s not for entertainment value – It has far more importance than just that because it ties into Killua’s backstory and his relationship with Illumi! That said, most of these episodes are still focused around Gon & co. as they wait to hear back from Killua about what actually happened in their mission, which results in a lot of talking heads mixed with some comedy/filler content along the way. And since this is also clearly done as an attempt to delay showing us whatever happens (because Togashi knows people are anticipating the Chimera Ant arc), it adds an even greater layer of annoyance to all this filler.

Episodes 66-68 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Remember how I said that Killua’s flashbacks were mostly about him getting burned alive? Well Togashi decided to go with a totally different route by changing up what actually happens (he likes making alterations whenever he gets bored, especially when it comes to his main characters – It happened with Hisoka & Kurapika during the Yorkshin arc and now it’s happening here). But aside from these changes, everything else plays out almost exactly like you’d expect because we’ve already read volumes 32 & 33 . This is probably the most boring arc so far since they’re spending a lot of time doing nothing of great interest, but there are still some important plot developments to be seen here… Mostly concerning Hisoka & Illumi.

Episodes 69-70 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

More filler means more boredom because this arc is rather unremarkable (in fact I actually forgot this was filler until someone reminded me). It’s mostly focused on expanding upon the backstory of one of the Zodiacs, but it’s really not all that necessary considering how little we get to see him throughout the rest of HxH. To make matters worse, this arc gives us an even greater tease about what happens next in Chimera Ant (wherever that place might be) so it only adds to the frustration in knowing that so many episodes have passed without anything particularly interesting happening.

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Episodes 71-75 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

This is the tipping point which distinguishes bad filler from good filler, because the latter would’ve given us some degree of entertainment value while delivering on key plot points to keep things moving forward… But this isn’t the case here! This should be considered Nippon Animation’s original interpretation of how Chimera Ants are born, and while it works as entertainment I find it pretty laughable considering how much Togashi actually hates this arc in particular. It’s obvious that he had no part in making this series whatsoever because several details don’t match up with his manga adaptation, so if you’re looking for a version of the tale which closely follows the original source material then you should definitely give this one a skip.

Episodes 76-78 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Considering how much Togashi hates this arc, it’s no surprise that he chose to use these episodes as a chance to pad out the manga with some filler content of his own instead of showing us what was going on here in Nippon Animation’s adaptation… But seriously, who could blame him? He gets to take a break from whatever insanity they’ve been doing since early last year and focus on something else for a change – In fact I’d say he did such a good job at creating filler content here that most would even prefer it over anything which comes next! I won’t deny that it’s a lot more fun to watch, but aside from a few key developments here and there the Chimera Ant arc remains mostly unchanged.

Episodes 79-80 = Chimera Ant Arc (Filler) + Final Episode of Greed Island

In order to deliver on those few key plot points from earlier, Gon & co. have been brought back into the story as their new target is none other than Meruem – The king of all Chimera Ants! In this version however he has some brand new powers which make him far less interesting than his manga counterpart… But aside from this Togashi does an amazing job at making him seem completely evil instead of somewhat tragic like in canon, which goes a long way towards adding some much needed tension to this arc… But even so I can’t help but feel that the Chimera Ants are being portrayed as rather weak antagonists, so hopefully their arrogance will pay off at some point here.

Episodes 81-96 = Final Episodes of HxH + Final Episodes of Greed Island (Filler)

If you’ve read up to volume 31 and don’t mind taking a break from the main story for a while, then I highly recommend checking out these filler episodes because they remain extremely faithful to Togashi’s original manga adaptation – At least up until the very end which is sure to catch everyone by surprise! There isn’t any real action going on here per say, it’s mostly about wrapping up the story in a way that makes sense and brings things to a close in a satisfying manner. I can’t help but praise this adaptation for delivering on such an emotional note which leaves you feeling happy even though so many things have changed from canon… But I suppose it’s all thanks to Togashi’s special brand of storytelling, so please don’t forget to check out his manga if you ever get the chance!

Episodes 97-98 = Hunter x Hunter Filler List

In order to deliver on those final plot points, Gon has been transported back into the past just before Ging left him under his dad’s care. The goal is obviously to give us a glimpse at how he came to be, which is actually quite consistent with what Togashi originally had in mind… But this is where the filler content starts to stray off course, because it’s pretty clear that his ideas were just used as a reference while these episodes were put together. It makes for some nice nostalgia if you’re already familiar with how things work in canon, but if not then I won’t be surprised if you think these final episodes are nothing more than pure garbage!

Episodes 99-132 = Chimera Ant Arc (Filler) + Greed Island Recap & Togashi Hiatus

Well now we’ve finally come to my least favorite part of this adaptation: The Chimera Ant arc which takes place after the manga has officially ended and Greed Island has been completely skipped over. To make matters worse, this is where our favorite author Togashi goes on his seemingly endless hiatus to work on other projects which are sure to drag out for years on end. The result of all that filler content in the Chimera Ant arc is far from impressive when compared to everything else we’ve seen thus far, but at least there’s some decent action here and there if you’re into that sort of thing… From what I hear it gets better towards the end so maybe I’ll go back and watch it at some point in the future!

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Final Thoughts: Hunter x Hunter Filler List

Overall I’d say Hunter x Hunter 2011 was pretty damn good… But not perfect by any means – There were definitely some flaws along the way which held it back from being all that it could have been. These problems are mostly due to Togashi’s lack of manga chapters, so I can’t help but feel like the story should have gotten a proper ending instead of having all this filler content put in its place… But even so these last few episodes were still pretty solid thanks to the buildup towards the Chimera Ant arc which was actually adapted from Togashi himself. Of course you’d never know any of this based off how terribly everything is changed around here, but I suppose that’s what you get for doing an adaptation if your material isn’t exactly perfect to begin with!

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