Haikyuu Filler List

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Haikyuu’ is a Japanese word for “volleyball.” Haikyuu Filler List manga series has forty-five volumes and is well known . Short boy Shoyo Hinata, who aspires to become the volleyball champion, is the main character. A serialized version of this story appeared in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012. Although I.G. productions produces Haikyuu anime, the series began in 2014. It brought Haikyuu anime to home video by Sentai Filmworks.

Haikyuu Filler List

Haikyuu Series Fillers

Let’s talk about fillers in anime before diving into the Haikyuu filler list. Although they provide most of the character’s information, they do not constitute part of the canon. Sometimes it’s funny to watch them, but most of the time they are a disaster. For those of you seeking a fast completion of this series, we recommend skipping filler; they’re totally unnecessary. There are no fillers in Haikyuu, which is why it’s worth watching. Many television networks and Netflix have aired almost three seasons of Haikyuu.

The entire anime series is available to Japan immediately after release, and there is no filler in the series. Even though there are only 85 episodes in four seasons, this series is most popular because it has no fillers.

Haikyuu Manga Canon Episodes:

Episodes 1 to 85

Seasons of Haikyuu

Starting in 2014, the series is divided into four seasons and is still available on different television channels. The first three seasons of the show are available on Netflix, but the fourth season is not.

The first season of the show

Season 1 of Haikyuu had 25 episodes between 6 April and 21 September 2014.

Season 2

It aired all 25 episodes of Haikyuu season 2 from 4 October 2015 to 27 March 2016, which lasted for 22 days.

The third season of the show

During the 10-episode period from 7 October to 9 December 2016, the title of the program was “Haikyu Karasuno High School vs. Shiratorizawa Academy.” The third season of the series had the themes “Hikariare” and “MishiMashi” as the ending and opening themes.

Season 4

There were only 13 episodes in this season, which aired on 11 January 2020. The title was Haikyuu to the top. Two seasons were planned for the fourth season. Each season contained 12 episodes while the first contained 13. “Toppako” was the opening song and “One Day” was the ending song.

Haikyuu Filler List

Haikyuu Episode List:

End and Beginning:

1 End and Beginning MANGA CANON 2014-04-06
2 Karasuno High School’s Volleyball Club MANGA CANON 2014-04-13
3 The Formidable Ally MANGA CANON 2014-04-20
4 The View From the Summit MANGA CANON 2014-04-27
5 A Coward’s Anxiety MANGA CANON 2014-05-04
6 An Interesting Team MANGA CANON 2014-05-11
7 Versus the Great King MANGA CANON 2014-05-18
8 He Who Is Called “Ace” MANGA CANON 2014-05-25
9 A Toss to the Ace MANGA CANON 2014-06-01
10 Yearning MANGA CANON 2014-06-08
11 Decision MANGA CANON 2014-06-15
12 The Neko-Karasu Reunion MANGA CANON 2014-06-22
13 Rival MANGA CANON 2014-06-29
14 Formidable Opponents MANGA CANON 2014-07-06
15 Revival MANGA CANON 2014-07-13
16 Winners and Losers MANGA CANON 2014-07-20
17 The Iron Wall MANGA CANON 2014-07-27
18 Guarding Your Back MANGA CANON 2014-08-03
19 Conductors MANGA CANON 2014-08-10
20 Oikawa Tōru is not a Genius MANGA CANON 2014-08-17

Senpai’s True Abilities:

21 Senpai’s True Abilities MANGA CANON 2014-08-24
22 Evolution MANGA CANON 2014-08-31
23 The Point that Changes the Momentum MANGA CANON 2014-09-07
24 Removing the Lonely King MANGA CANON 2014-09-14
25 The Third Day MANGA CANON 2014-09-21
26 Let’s Go To Tokyo!! MANGA CANON 2015-10-04
27 Direct Sunlight MANGA CANON 2015-10-11
28 Townsperson B MANGA CANON 2015-10-18
29 Center Ace MANGA CANON 2015-10-25
30 Greed MANGA CANON 2015-11-01
31 Tempo MANGA CANON 2015-11-08
32 Moonrise MANGA CANON 2015-11-15
33 Illusionary Hero MANGA CANON 2015-11-22
34 Umbrella MANGA CANON 2015-11-29
35 Gears MANGA CANON 2015-12-05
36 Up Above MANGA CANON 2015-12-12
37 Match Begins!! MANGA CANON 2015-12-19
38 Simple, Pure Strength MANGA CANON 2015-12-26
39 Growing Fast MANGA CANON 2016-01-09
40 Playground MANGA CANON 2016-01-16

To the Next: Haikyuu Filler List

41 To the Next MANGA CANON 2016-01-23
42 The Fight of the Spineless MANGA CANON 2016-01-30
43 The Losers MANGA CANON 2016-02-06
44 The Iron Wall Can Be Constructed Any Number of Times MANGA CANON 2016-02-13
45 Wiping Away MANGA CANON 2016-02-20
46 The Breaker MANGA CANON 2016-02-27
47 The Fight of the Previously Spineless MANGA CANON 2016-03-05
48 Team MANGA CANON 2016-03-12
49 Switch for the Utmost Limit MANGA CANON 2016-03-19
50 Declaration of War MANGA CANON 2016-03-26
51 Greetings MANGA CANON 2016-10-07
52 The Threat of “Left” MANGA CANON 2016-10-14
54 The Halo Around the Moon MANGA CANON 2016-10-28
55 Individual VS Numbers MANGA CANON 2016-11-04
56 The Chemical Change of Encounters MANGA CANON 2016-11-11
57 Obsession MANGA CANON 2016-11-18
58 An Annoying Guy MANGA CANON 2016-11-25
59 The Volleyball Idiots MANGA CANON 2016-12-02
60 The Battle of Concepts MANGA CANON 2016-12-09

 Self-Introduction: Haikyuu Filler List

61 Self-Introduction MANGA CANON 2020-01-10
62 Lost MANGA CANON 2020-01-17
63 Perspective MANGA CANON 2020-01-24
64 Take It Easy MANGA CANON 2020-01-31
65 Hunger MANGA CANON 2020-02-07
66 Enhancements MANGA CANON 2020-02-14
67 Return MANGA CANON 2020-02-21
68 Challenger MANGA CANON 2020-02-28
69 Everyone’s Night MANGA CANON 2020-03-06
70 Battle Lines MANGA CANON 2020-03-13
71 A Chance to Connect MANGA CANON 2020-03-20
72 Vivid MANGA CANON 2020-03-27
73 The Second Day MANGA CANON 2020-04-03
74 Rhythm MANGA CANON 2020-10-02
75 Found MANGA CANON 2020-10-09
76 Broken Heart MANGA CANON 2020-10-16
77 Cats vs. Monkeys MANGA CANON 2020-10-23
78 Trap MANGA CANON 2020-10-30
79 The Ultimate Challengers MANGA CANON 2020-11-06
80 Leader MANGA CANON 2020-11-13
81 Hero MANGA CANON 2020-11-20
82 Pitons MANGA CANON 2020-11-27
83 The Birth of the Serene King MANGA CANON 2020-12-04
84 Monster’s Ball MANGA CANON 2020-12-11
85 The Promised Land MANGA CANON 2020-12-18

Haikyuu Filler List

Haikyuu Filler List: Original Video Animation History

Let’s look at the Haikyuu OVA list since OVAs are released as home video releases rather than in theaters.

  1. Haiba Lev Arrived on 2014
  2. VS Failing Grades on 2016
  3. The Land VS The Sky
  4. The Path of the Ball in 2020

Haikyuu Characters: Haikyuu Theme and Characters

Throughout the story, we follow a high school student named “Hinata Shoyo.” After watching a volleyball championship on television, Hinata was inspired to become a volleyball superstar. The love of volleyball was sparked by a national championship, and he joined the school volleyball club.

Shoyo’s club lacked members and practice facilities because of his short height. He remains determined, however, to reach the middle school final match. Aspired to be the best, his biggest dream was crushed by Junior Championship and their star player, TobiaKageyama. Shoyo hasn’t given up hope and vows revenge. Hinata thought he had to defeat his most hated rival by applying to the “Karasuno high school volleyball club”. However, he ended up becoming teammates with Kageyama. New volleyball tactics evolved from the undefeatable character of Kageyama and the athleticism of Hinata. It is a bizarre alliance between these two champions. Their teammates are inspired by their fun personalities.

This is a list of the main characters who are at the core of the story.

  1. Shoyo Hinata.
  2. KeishinUkai
  3. Daichi Sawamura
  4. Koshi Sugawara
  5. Ryunosuke Tanaka
  6. Tadashi Yamaguchi
  7. Kei Tsukishima
  8. Asahi Azumane
  9. Yu Nishinoya
  10. TobiaKageyama

Haikyuu Filler List

Summary: Haikyuu Filler List

While Shoyo Hinata is smaller in height, he has a boisterous personality and an energetic disposition. As he trains to improve his volleyball skills, he strives to get higher ranks. His numerous foibles enable him to defeat powerful schools. In addition, Hinata and Kageyama formed an undefeatable combination for climbing higher volleyball ranks. They became the favorite of the entire world because they embodied teamwork, competition, and friendship. The following is a list of episodes of Haikyuu. Even so, in the entire article, we haven’t discussed any filler list, since there have been no fillers reported throughout the whole series. It’s better to watch it since there are no fillers in the episodes.

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