Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

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Dragon Ball Heroes is considered in one of the best anime in the world. We see many animated characters in dragon ball heroes. The story begins when Fu sets up seven Dark Dragon Balls to revive villains who escaped from the Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List . Suddenly, Bojack and his henchmen appear for revenge against Goku. The Shadow Dragon Oceanus will also be revived with the Dragon Balls! Evil Dragon Furiza appears, along with Majin Ozotto, who was believed to have died some time before!

Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List:

1 Goku vs. Goku! A Transcendent Battle Begins on the Prison Planet! ANIME CANON 2018-07-01
2 Goku Goes Berserk! The Evil Saiyan’s Rampage!! ANIME CANON 2018-07-16
3 The Mightiest Radiance! Vegito Blue Kaio-Ken Explodes! ANIME CANON 2018-09-06
4 Rage! Super Fu Appears! ANIME CANON 2018-09-27
5 The Mightiest Warrior! Super Saiyan 4 Vegito!! ANIME CANON 2018-10-28
6 I’ll Settle This!! Activation! Ultra Instinct! ANIME CANON 2018-12-22
7 Zamasu Revived?! The Curtain Rises on the Universal Conflict Arc! ANIME CANON 2019-01-10
8 The Ultimate Worst Warriors Invade! Universe 6 Demolished! ANIME CANON 2019-02-24
9 Goku Revived!! Strongest vs. Strongest Collide! ANIME CANON 2019-03-07
10 Counterattack! Fierce Attack! Goku and Vegeta! ANIME CANON 2019-04-18
11 Fierce Fight! Universe 11’s Climactic Battle! ANIME CANON 2019-05-09
12 Super Warriors Gather! Universe 7’s Decisive Battle! ANIME CANON 2019-06-22
13 Super Hearts Joins the Fight! An All-Out Earth-Shaking Battle! ANIME CANON 2019-07-11
14 The Menacing Universe Seed! Kamioren’s Rampage!! ANIME CANON 2019-07-28
15 Send Kamioren Flying! Overwhelming! Ultra Instinct! ANIME CANON 2019-09-05

Zamasu vs. Universe 7! Ambition’s End!

16 Zamasu vs. Universe 7! Ambition’s End! ANIME CANON 2019-10-10
17 The Ultimate Godslayer! Hearts Is Born! ANIME CANON 2019-10-27
18 Super Decisive Battle! Gogeta vs. Hearts! ANIME CANON 2019-12-21
19 Ultimate Conclusion! The Universal Conflict Ends! ANIME CANON 2020-01-09
20 Decisive Battle! Time Patrol vs. the Dark King ANIME CANON 2020-02-23
21 The Gods of Destruction Invade! The Beginning of a New Battle! ANIME CANON 2020-03-05
22 Fu’s Plan! The Threat of the Dreadful Universal Tree! ANIME CANON 2020-04-09
23 Rematch With Formidable Foes! Turles and Bojack! ANIME CANON 2020-05-22
24 Creeping Shadow! The Mysterious Man Dr. W! ANIME CANON 2020-06-30
25 Big Decisive Battle in Hell! A New Janemba! ANIME CANON 2020-07-30
26 Dragon Fist Explosion! Super Full Power Saiyan 4: Limit Break! ANIME CANON 2020-08-27
27 Rampaging Terror! The Return of Evil Aura! ANIME CANON 2020-09-30
28 Fierce Battle in the Space of Time! Vegito vs. Super Fu ANIME CANON 2020-10-25
29 Push Forward to the Battlefield! Dragon Ball Heroes FILLER 2020-11-15
30 Reborn Evil! Birth of Dark King Fu! ANIME CANON 2020-12-20

Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

The Worst Limit Break! Broly Revived!

31 The Worst Limit Break! Broly Revived! ANIME CANON 2021-01-20
32 The Universe Creation Ends! The Birth of a New World! ANIME CANON 2021-02-25
33 New Space-Time War! The Ultimate Fierce Battle Begins! ANIME CANON 2021-03-17
34 The Warrior in Black Appears! A New Adventure Starts! ANIME CANON 2021-04-15
35 The Pride of the Warrior Race! Vegeta, Awakening!! ANIME CANON 2021-05-09
36 Super Saiyan Rosé vs. Ultra Instinct! A Great Planet-Shaking Duel! ANIME CANON 2021-06-20
37 Warrior in Black vs. Goku Black! The Dark Plot Becomes Clear! ANIME CANON 2021-07-11
38 The Final Battle in Fake Universe! Clash of Blue and Scarlet ANIME CANON 2021-08-16

Dragon Ball Heroes Filler

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: All Filler Episodes Guide

Series Synopsis:

Recently, a mysterious being known as Hacchan has appeared and begun stealing all of our planet’s energy.. Even Goku and the gang are no match for him! But there might be someone who can stand up to him.. Here’s the scoop! A spinoff series that takes place after the “Future Trunks Arc” of DRAGON BALL SUPER, this special edition of Dragon Ball Heroes will debut its first episode on April 1st. The story revolves around Future Trunks who suddenly appears in “our present time” and joins the card game Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku: Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Episode Synopsis Super Saiyan Blue Goku goes up against Broly God in his complete form, who has powered up through his rage at being defeated by Kale. However, even with full power, Goku is pushed back by Broly’s immense strength. There doesn’t seem to be any hope for victory.. that is until Vegeta appears on the scene! The greatest tag team of Universe 7 vs. Universe 6 begins! Will they manage to win?! Also, what are these changes to Broly which allow him to become even stronger? All this and much more when the series begins on April 1st!

Goku and Vegeta: Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Episode Synopsis Goku and Vegeta are in the midst of battle when suddenly, Frieza appears. It seems that he was anticipating that Trunks would attempt to travel through time once again. And so, he has arrived to take his revenge on the Saiyans who defeated him! Furthermore.. what is this new transformation which has allowed Frost to finally achieve victory? Find out these answers and more in the next episode of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission”! Will Goku and Vegeta manage to win?! Stay tuned for future updates!

Dragon Ball Heroes

One peaceful day: Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Series Synopsis One peaceful day, the Dragon Ball Heroes team is playing a game at Capsule Corp when suddenly.. an emergency announcement from Bulma! The enemy Emperor of Universe 4 has appeared and begun transforming multiple planets into cards! Why would he do such a thing!? He plans to use these planets as fuel to awaken “Super Shenron!” Will Goku and friends be able to defeat this new enemy?! Stay for future updates!

Goku and the gang: Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Episode Synopsis Goku and the gang have successfully won against Dr. Auto and his robot copy of “Trunks.” However, just as they think their battle is over, a mysterious group begins to attack them. Who could it be?! Vegeta and Trunks take up arms but seem to be no match for these guys.. until another mysterious figure appears! Might this change the outcome of the battle? And what exactly does this new enemy want with our heroes? All this and much more when Dragon Ball Super: Universe Mission begins on April 1st!

Thanks to the powers of Chaoz: Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Episode Synopsis Thanks to the powers of Chaoz at Capsule Corp., Future Trunks is finally able to travel back in time thanks to his Time Machine! He has come once again in order to save his future world, but little does he know that this time.. he won’t be able to return home! When Future Trunks finds out that his friends are all dead for mysterious reasons, he begins to mourn. However, the appearance of Tapion and Janemba will not only give him hope… it may also lead him down a dark path! The next chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission is set to begin on April 1st! We can’t wait!!

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