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Dragon Ball Gt Filler ListDragon Ball Gt Filler List was an anime series that aired from 1996 to 1997. 65 episodes of Dragon Ball GT were produced. There are 65 filler episodes in Dragon Ball GT, which means it has an almost 100% filler ratio. Goku’s journey after finding Uub is far from over with Dragon Ball Z. The Dragon Balls are under threat from forces of evil. Within a year, the Earth will perish unless Goku recovers all seven! A series of Japanese manga based on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga series Dragon Ball GT is a very popular anime series. From February 1996 onward, the show was produced and aired by Toei Animation on Fuji TV. On Feb. 7, 1996, the first episode of the site went online. That will be the last episode. “Grand Tour” is the name of the Dragon Ball GT series. The series is an action thriller animated movie.

The Dragon Ball GT Series:

This Dragon Ball GT series is by far the shortest of the series. With an original script featuring the same characters as Dragon Ball Z, it’s a sequel to the anime. anime. During the 28th anniversary, Tenkaichi Bud*kai Goku and his granddaughter Pan and Trunks accidentally revert to their teenage years. To do so, he is forced to travel across the universe and find the Black Star Dragon Balls used by his old rival King Pilaf. The trio undergoes a variety of adventures as they search for the Black Star Dragon Balls. After that, they face off against an artificial parasite called a Tuffle. The kid who nearly wiped out the Tuffles many years ago intends to exterminate the Saiyans as a punishment. In the first half of the series, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are the main characters. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z’s prominent characters are introduced in the second half. These characters battle far more powerful enemies. Among them are the Luud Cult, Computer Mutants, Kid, Super 17, and the Shadow Dragons. A 19.7 percent average rating and a 9.6 percent minimum rating were the highest and lowest ratings respectively. 14.6 percent is the average rating for the series.

 Dragon Ball GT Episode List

 A Devastating Wish:

1 A Devastating Wish FILLER 1996-02-07
2 Pan Blasts Off FILLER 1996-02-14
3 Terror on Imecka FILLER 1996-02-21
4 The Most Wanted List FILLER 1996-02-28
5 Goku vs. Ledgic FILLER 1996-03-06
6 Like Pulling Teeth FILLER 1996-03-13
7 Trunks, the Bride FILLER 1996-03-20
8 Whisker Power FILLER 1996-04-17
9 Lord Luud FILLER 1996-04-24
10 Dance and Attack FILLER 1996-05-01
11 Lord Luud’s Curse FILLER 1996-05-08
12 The Last Oracle of Luud FILLER 1996-05-15
13 The Man Behind the Curtain FILLER 1996-05-22
14 The Battle Within FILLER 1996-06-05
15 Beginning of the End FILLER 1996-06-12

Giru’s Checkered Past: Dragon Ball Gt Filler List

16 Giru’s Checkered Past FILLER 1996-06-19
17 Pan’s Gambit FILLER 1996-06-26
18 Unexpected Power FILLER 1996-07-10
19 A General Uprising FILLER 1996-07-17
20 The Source of Rilldo’s Power FILLER 1996-07-24
21 A Secret Revealed FILLER 1996-08-14
22 The Baby Secret FILLER 1996-08-21
23 Hidden Danger FILLER 1996-08-26
24 Discovering the Truth FILLER 1996-09-04
25 Baby’s Arrival FILLER 1996-10-16
26 Saiyan Hunting FILLER 1996-10-30
27 The Attack on Vegeta FILLER 1996-11-06
28 A Worldwide Problem FILLER 1996-11-13
29 The Fall of The Saiyans FILLER 1996-11-27
30 The Game After Life FILLER 1996-12-04

Collapse From Within: Dragon Ball Gt Filler List

31 Collapse From Within FILLER 1996-12-11
32 The Return of Uub FILLER 1997-01-08
33 The Tail’s Tale FILLER 1997-01-15
34 Back in the Game FILLER 1997-01-22
35 Goku’s Ascension FILLER 1997-01-29
36 The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks! FILLER 1997-02-05
37 Old Kai’s Last Stand FILLER 1997-02-12
38 Family Bonds FILLER 1997-02-19
39 Baby Put to Rest FILLER 1997-02-26
40 Piccolo’s Decision FILLER 1997-03-05
41 Curtain Call FILLER 1997-03-12
42 A Dangerous Union FILLER 1997-04-16
43 The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza FILLER 1997-04-23
44 17 Times 2 FILLER 1997-04-30
45 Piccolo’s Best Bet FILLER 1997-05-14

Raising the Stakes: Dragon Ball Gt Filler List

46 Raising the Stakes FILLER 1997-05-28
47 The Greatest Surprise FILLER 1997-06-04
48 The Shadow Dragons FILLER 1997-06-11
49 The Two-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-06-18
50 The Five-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-06-25
51 The Six-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-07-09
52 The Seven-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-07-09
53 Saying Goodbye FILLER 1997-07-16
54 The Four-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-07-20
55 The Heart of the Prince FILLER 1997-07-30
56 The Three-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-08-06
57 The One-Star Dragon FILLER 1997-08-13
58 Shadow Dragons Unite FILLER 1997-09-24
59 Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta FILLER 1997-10-01
60 Super Saiyan 4 Fusion FILLER 1997-10-08

 The Limits of Power: Dragon Ball Gt Filler List

61 The Limits of Power FILLER 1997-10-15
62 Rescue Goku FILLER 1997-10-22
63 Universal Allies FILLER 1997-11-12
64 Until We Meet Again? FILLER 1997-11-19
65 A Hero’s Legacy FILLER 1997-11-26

Dragonball Gt Summary:

In his novel Journey to the West, 16th-century Chinese novelist Akira Toriyama was inspired by Chinese classics. With Dragon Ball, Toriyama borrowed elements of Hong Kong martial arts films to create a series that follows Son Goku as he trains in martial arts from childhood to adulthood. Upon meeting Bulma, a girl from Earth, Goku is encouraged to seek out the Dragon Balls (which summon wishes-granting dragons) and embark on quests around the world. The journey of Goku includes making friends, finding out his alien heritage, and battling many villains.

Toriyama’s Manga: Dragon Ball Gt Filler List

As a result of Toei Animation’s adaptation of Toriyama’s manga series, two anime series were broadcast from 1986 to 1996: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. As well as 20 animated feature films, the studio has produced three television specials and two anime sequel series titled Dragon Ball GT (1996–1997) and Dragon Ball Super (2015–2018). Dragon Ball Z Kai was the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z that aired from 2009 to 2015. Through the recut, the manga’s story was more faithfully followed by removing the anime’s exclusive material. There are several companies that have created different types of merchandise based on the series, resulting in a large franchise that includes animated and live-action films, collectible card games, action figures, as well as numerous soundtrack and video game collections.

Media franchise Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball Gt Filler List

Media franchise Dragon Ball became an international phenomenon. More than 40 countries in existence have purchased copies of the Dragon Ball manga and anime, and 80+ other countries have broadcast episodes. There are 42 manga volumes in the series, which have sold over 160 million copies in Japan and are estimated to have sold between 250 and 300 million copies worldwide, making it and its sequel two of the best-selling manga series in history. Reviews of both versions of this story praised its art, characterization, and humor.

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