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Dragon Ball Filler Episodes:

Dragon Ball Filler List has a very rich and diverse filler episode collection by far. It is one of the factors that makes the anime so fun to watch. They are a good showcase of what can be done when imagination meets animation. The ‘filler episodes’ in this case come after the end of a saga/arc in the series, which means that Dragon Ball Z was made with some kind of plan or vision, but they ran out of material before the end of it all (not that’s something bad). We all know you can’t keep on fighting for years upon years without some resting time (I guess), resulting in these hilarious filler episodes where everthing goes wrong including Vegeta turning Super Saiyan 4, almost dying from laughter! To make this list I tried to put some diversity. Also it’s important to note that not everyone likes filler episodes, so I recommend watching only the ones you like.

Dragon Ball Episode List:


1 The Secret of the Dragon Balls MANGA CANON 1986-02-26
2 The Emperor’s Quest MANGA CANON 1986-03-05
3 The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi MANGA CANON 1986-03-12
4 Oolong the Terrible MANGA CANON 1986-03-19
5 Yamcha the Desert Bandit MANGA CANON 1986-03-26
6 Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls MANGA CANON 1986-04-02
7 The Ox King on Fire Mountain MANGA CANON 1986-04-09
8 The Kamehameha Wave MANGA CANON 1986-04-16
9 Boss Rabbit’s Magic Touch MANGA CANON 1986-04-23
10 The Dragon Balls are Stolen! MANGA CANON 1986-04-30
11 The Penalty is Pinball MANGA CANON 1986-05-07
12 A Wish to the Eternal Dragon MANGA CANON 1986-05-14
13 The Legend of Goku MANGA CANON 1986-05-21


14 Goku’s Rival MANGA CANON 1986-05-28
15 Look Out for Launch MANGA CANON 1986-06-04
16 Find That Stone! MANGA CANON 1986-06-11
17 Milk Delivery MANGA CANON 1986-06-18
18 The Turtle Hermit Way MANGA CANON 1986-06-25
19 The Tournament Begins MANGA CANON 1986-07-02
20 Elimination Round MANGA CANON 1986-07-09
21 Smells Like Trouble MANGA CANON 1986-07-16
22 Quarterfinals Begin MANGA CANON 1986-07-23
23 Monster Beast Giran MANGA CANON 1986-07-30
24 Krillin’s Frantic Attack! MANGA CANON 1986-08-06
25 Danger From Above MANGA CANON 1986-08-13
26 The Grand Finals MANGA CANON 1986-08-20
27 Number One Under the Moon? MANGA CANON 1986-08-27
28 The Final Blow MANGA CANON 1986-09-03


29 The Roaming Lake MIXED CANON/FILLER 1986-09-10
30 Pilaf and the Mystery Force FILLER 1986-09-17
31 Wedding Plans? FILLER 1986-09-24
32 The Flying Fortress – Vanished! FILLER 1986-10-01
33 The Legend of a Dragon FILLER 1986-10-08
34 Cruel General Red MANGA CANON 1986-10-15
35 Cold Reception MANGA CANON 1986-10-22
36 Major Metallitron MANGA CANON 1986-10-29
37 Ninja Murasaki is Coming! MANGA CANON 1986-11-05
38 Five Murasakis MANGA CANON 1986-11-12
39 Mysterious Android No. 8 MANGA CANON 1986-11-19
40 Horrifying Buyon MANGA CANON 1986-11-26
41 The Fall of Muscle Tower MANGA CANON 1986-12-03
42 The Secret of Dr. Flappe MIXED CANON/FILLER 1986-12-10
43 A Trip to the City MANGA CANON 1986-12-17
44 Master Thief, Hasky MIXED CANON/FILLER 1986-12-24
45 Danger in the Air FILLER 1987-01-07
46 Bulma’s Bad Day MANGA CANON 1987-01-14
47 Kame House – Found! MANGA CANON 1987-01-21
48 Deep Blue Sea MANGA CANON 1987-01-28
49 Roshi Surprise MANGA CANON 1987-02-04
50 The Trap is Sprung! MANGA CANON 1987-02-11
51 Beware of Robot MANGA CANON 1987-02-18
52 The Pirate Treasure MANGA CANON 1987-02-25
53 Blue, Black and Blue MANGA CANON 1987-03-04
54 Escape From Pirate Cave MANGA CANON 1987-03-11
55 Penguin Village MANGA CANON 1987-03-18
56 Strange Visitor MANGA CANON 1987-03-25
57 Arale vs. Blue MANGA CANON 1987-04-08
58 The Land of Korin MANGA CANON 1987-04-15
59 The Notorious Mercenary MANGA CANON 1987-04-22
60 Tao Attacks! MANGA CANON 1987-04-29
61 Korin Tower MANGA CANON 1987-05-06
62 Sacred Water MANGA CANON 1987-05-13
63 The Return of Goku MANGA CANON 1987-05-20
64 The Last of Mercenary Tao MANGA CANON 1987-05-27
65 Confront the Red Ribbon Army MANGA CANON 1987-06-10
66 A Real Bind MANGA CANON 1987-06-17
67 The End of Commander Red MANGA CANON 1987-06-24
68 The Last Dragon Ball MANGA CANON 1987-07-01


69 Who is Fortuneteller Baba? MANGA CANON 1987-07-08
70 We Are the Five Warriors MANGA CANON 1987-07-15
71 Deadly Battle MANGA CANON 1987-07-22
72 Goku’s Turn MANGA CANON 1987-07-29
73 The Devilmite Beam MANGA CANON 1987-08-05
74 The Mysterious Fifth Man MANGA CANON 1987-08-12
75 The Strong Ones MANGA CANON 1987-08-19
76 True Colors of the Masked Man MANGA CANON 1987-08-26
77 Pilaf’s Tactics MANGA CANON 1987-09-02
78 The Eternal Dragon Rises MANGA CANON 1987-09-09
79 Terror and Plague FILLER 1987-09-16
80 Goku vs. Sky Dragon FILLER 1987-09-23
81 Goku Goes to Demon Land FILLER 1987-09-30
82 The Rampage of InoShikaCho FILLER 1987-10-07


83 Which Way To Papaya Island? FILLER 1987-10-14
84 Rivals and Arrivals MANGA CANON 1987-10-21
85 Preliminary Peril MANGA CANON 1987-10-28
86 Then There Were Eight MANGA CANON 1987-11-04
87 Yamcha vs. Tien MANGA CANON 1987-11-11
88 Yamcha’s Big Break MANGA CANON 1987-11-18
89 Full-Moon Vengeance MANGA CANON 1987-11-25
90 The Dodon Wave MANGA CANON 1987-12-02
91 Counting Controversy!! MANGA CANON 1987-12-09
92 Goku Enters the Ring MANGA CANON 1987-12-16
93 Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun MANGA CANON 1987-12-23
94 Stepping Down MANGA CANON 1987-12-30
95 Goku vs. Krillin MANGA CANON 1988-01-06
96 Tail’s Tale MANGA CANON 1988-01-13
97 Final Match: Goku vs. Tien MANGA CANON 1988-01-20
98 Victory’s Edge MANGA CANON 1988-01-27
99 Tien’s Insurrection MANGA CANON 1988-02-03
100 The Spirit Cannon MANGA CANON 1988-02-10
101 The Fallen MANGA CANON 1988-02-17


102 Enter King Piccolo MANGA CANON 1988-02-24
103 Tambourine Attacks! MANGA CANON 1988-03-02
104 Mark of the Demon MANGA CANON 1988-03-09
105 Here Comes Yajirobe MANGA CANON 1988-03-16
106 Terrible Tambourine MANGA CANON 1988-03-23
107 Tien’s Atonement MANGA CANON 1988-04-06
108 Goku’s Revenge MANGA CANON 1988-04-13
109 Goku vs. King Piccolo MANGA CANON 1988-04-20
110 Piccolo Closes In MANGA CANON 1988-05-04
111 Roshi’s Gambit MANGA CANON 1988-05-11
112 King Piccolo’s Wish MANGA CANON 1988-05-18
113 Siege on Chow Castle MANGA CANON 1988-05-25
114 Conquest and Power MANGA CANON 1988-06-01
115 Awaken Darkness MANGA CANON 1988-06-08
116 A Taste of Destiny MANGA CANON 1988-06-22
117 The Ultimate Sacrifice MANGA CANON 1988-06-29
118 Prelude to Vengeance MANGA CANON 1988-07-06
119 Battle Cry MANGA CANON 1988-07-20
120 Goku Strikes Back MANGA CANON 1988-07-27
121 The Biggest Crisis MANGA CANON 1988-08-03
122 Final Showdown MANGA CANON 1988-08-10
123 Lost and Found MANGA CANON 1988-08-17
124 Temple Above the Clouds MANGA CANON 1988-08-24
125 Earth’s Guardian Emerges MANGA CANON 1988-08-31
126 Eternal Dragon Resurrected MANGA CANON 1988-09-14
127 Quicker than Lightning FILLER 1988-09-21
128 Secret of the Woods FILLER 1988-09-28
129 The Time Room FILLER 1988-10-12
130 Goku’s Doll FILLER 1988-10-19
131 Walking Their Own Ways FILLER 1988-10-26
132 Hotter than Lava FILLER 1988-11-02


133 Changes MANGA CANON 1988-11-09
134 Preliminary Peril MANGA CANON 1988-11-16
135 Battle of the Eight MANGA CANON 1988-11-23
136 Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao MANGA CANON 1988-11-30
137 Anonymous Proposal MANGA CANON 1988-12-07
138 The Mysterious Hero MANGA CANON 1988-12-14
139 Rematch MANGA CANON 1988-12-21
140 Goku Gains Speed MANGA CANON 1989-01-11
141 The Four Faces of Tien MANGA CANON 1989-01-18
142 Kami vs. Piccolo MANGA CANON 1989-01-25
143 Battle for the Future MANGA CANON 1989-02-01
144 Super Kamehameha MANGA CANON 1989-02-08
145 Junior No More MANGA CANON 1989-02-15
146 Goku’s Trap MANGA CANON 1989-02-22
147 Goku Hangs On MANGA CANON 1989-03-01
148 The Victor MANGA CANON 1989-03-08
149 Dress in Flames FILLER 1989-03-15
150 The Fire-Eater FILLER 1989-03-22
151 Outrageous Octagon FILLER 1989-04-05
152 Mystery of the Dark World FILLER 1989-04-12
153 The End, The Beginning FILLER 1989-04-19

#10: The Mysterious Youth (Episode 114)

This is a very underrated filler episode in my opinion; Gohan encounters Mr. Shu who wants to sell him his car for 20 000 zenni (~49 dollars). However when cameras appear in front of Gohan he transforms into an almost childish version of himself (who sounds like Krillin for some reason… weird), and experiences great stress when he can’t answer simple math questions; let alone pay for the car. So Goku enters the scene to help out his son, but later on they both get involved with saving people from an apartment building that’s on fire. In the end Goku ends up saving a little dog, and Gohan gives Mr. Shu his 20 000 zenni so they can buy him a new house, but he really didn’t need all of this money anyway…

#9: Granddaughter Pan (Episode 289)

This one is another underrated filler episode! It takes place during the Cell Games Saga after Goten and Trunks have been kidnapped by men working for an evil gangster from West City named Giran. When Gohan comes to the rescue with Dende as his hostage, he basically lets himself get beaten-up by these goons who are way stronger than before thanks to some kind of enhancer drug. Later on it turns out that the drug doesn’t work on Gohan anymore because his one year of training with Goku in the Room of Spirit and Time (A/K/A Hyperbolic Time Chamber) has made him way stronger than before. After a couple of humorous scenes we see Giran eating with his crew and he mentions Pan by name, which makes Trunks and Goten very surprised to find out she’s still alive.

#8: The Devilmite Beam (Episode 231) Dragon Ball Filler List

This is another one of those weird yet funny filler episodes that takes place during the Cell Saga after Vegeta gets taken out by the evil bio-android Cell who self destructs as a result. Once Vegeta wakes up from recovery inside Capsule Corp. Bulma gives him a strange medicine that she has created herself. After consuming the pill Vegeta turns into some kind of evil monster, and terrorizes everyone in his path including Bulma! The rest of the Z gang travel to the area where Vegeta is, only to be stopped by King Kai who explains what’s happening. It turns out that this strange pill controls your mind once its inside your body, so if you take it without knowing about it…

#7: A Gift From Santa (Episode 244) Dragon Ball Filler List

This one takes place during the Cell Saga after Goku sacrifices himself to destroy Cell for good. That day was supposed to be Krillin’s wedding anniversary with Android 18, however he decides not to go because he wants to train on his own. After 18 decides to go shopping by herself, she ends up meeting Santa Claus himself who gives her a present. Upon opening it she gets mad because it’s not the gift given to Krillin… We again see Goku and King Kai watching over everything (since this is another one of those episodes), and we even get a flashback scene where we learn what happened on their previous day together; which was quite funny.

#6: Hidden Power (Episode 149) Dragon Ball Filler List

This episode takes place during the Saiyan Saga after Iruka saves Gohan from some wild beasts! Gohan thanks him dearly for saving his life, but later that night he runs away with Icarus because he doesn’t want his real identity to be revealed. Later on Gohan realizes that he has a hidden power, and he comes back to save Iruka from some thugs who put him in a tight spot. After making quick work of them Gohan says goodbye to his new friend forever, but not without telling him about his true identity first! This episode is special because it features Goku’s first battle against Vegeta where he shows off his insane powers after transforming into a Great Ape.

#5: The End Of Snake Way (Episode 32) Dragon Ball Filler List

In this one we see Piccolo travelling down the long and dangerous path that leads throughout the galaxy called “Snake Way”. King Kai tells Goku during their telepathic conversation that it takes exactly one year to travel from Earth all the way to the other side of Snake Way. This episode has a lot of funny moments along with some epic action at the end as Goku finally reaches the end of this path, which is also where King Kai’s planet is located. After making himself comfortable there Goku starts his training under King Kai, and he even manages to make Freiza retreat during one of their battles!

#4: Granddaughter Pan (Episode 279) Dragon Ball Filler List

This filler takes place during the Majin Buu Saga after Dabura turns Babidi into a cookie and eats him in order to gain more power. Krillin who was turned into a doll by Babidi gets dropped on the ground from high above, and lands right next to Gohan’s feet! The young Saiyan man places him inside his backpack so he can be safe, and when Dabura notices this he gets angry and attacks Gohan. After dodging his attack for a while Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and defeats the evil demon in no time at all! This episode is special because it features Gohan’s first battle against Dabura, and we meet his “daughter” Pan who was born right after the Cell Games.

#3: Goku’s Next Journey (Episode 276) Dragon Ball Filler List

This filler takes place during the final episodes of the Majin Buu Saga when Vegeta suggests that they escape from Hell before Kid Buu blows up the entire planet. However there’s just one problem… The entrance door to get out is guarded by none other than their old friend Pikkon! They both power up and accept his challenge, and we even get to see the old fight where Pikkon beat Goku with ease during the Other World Tournament (one of my personal favorites). After a long and epic battle which features some pretty cool jokes thrown into the mix as well, Goku and Vegeta finally find out that they can’t defeat Pikkon no matter how hard they try.

#2: The World Tournament Announcer (Episode 126)

The next filler takes place between the events of the Cell Saga and the Majin Buu Saga. This one is quite nostalgic because it shows Krillin all grown up with a family of his own – Gohan becomes a scholar – Vegeta turns Super Saiyan – And Mr. Satan is still the world champion! Bulma has a surprise for her friends after inviting them to her birthday party, and that surprise is the announcement of the World Martial Arts Tournament taking place soon. However Vegeta isn’t so thrilled about entering because he doesn’t think he can be beaten, but that all changes when #18 decides to join him… This episode features some really good jokes between characters which makes it very enjoyable, not to mention the special flashback scene with young Goku vs young Piccolo during their first tournament.

#1: The End Of Snake Way (Episode 32) Dragon Ball Filler List

This is arguably one of the best filler episodes in Dragon Ball Z history! It takes place right after Goku defeats Cell during the Cell Saga, and this time Gohan wants to travel down Snake Way in order to train for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament. With his flying cloud Nimbus still not fixed yet Gohan has no choice but to ride on the Flying Nimbus alongside his friend Icarus who can’t fly very well. Since they both want to get there as fast as possible their journey turns out to be a huge disaster, and Goku even gets killed by #17 because he was stuck inside of him. The episode ends with Goku finally reaching the end of planet snake way where is new training will take place.

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