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Case Closed Filler List is an ongoing anime series which began in 1996. The series has aired 1038 episodes. Case Closed has a high filler rate of 44% with a total of 454 reported filler episodes. An investigative detective named Shinichi Kudo is captured and forced to take a poison pill as part of his investigation into the Black Organization. The poison pill is intended to kill him instantly. As a result, Kudo is turned into a child rather than killed. In order to investigate the Black Organization, Kudo disguises himself as Conan Edogawa. You can see the list on sparkanime

Complete Filler List

Episodes 1-50

Episodes 51-100

Episodes 101-150

Episodes 151-200

Episodes 201-250

Episodes 251-300

Episodes 301-350

Episodes 351-400

Episodes 401-450

Episodes 451-500

Episodes 501-550

Episodes 551-600

Episodes 601-650

Episodes 651-700

Episodes 701-750

Episodes 751-800

Episodes 801-850

Episodes 851-900

Episodes 901-950

Episodes 951-1000

Episodes 1001-1026

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