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The anime series “Blue Exorcist”  (Ao no Ekusoshisuto) is based on the manga of the same name Blue Exorcist Filler List , written and illustrated by Kazue Katō. The anime began airing in Japan on October 6, 2011. It is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tensai Okamura. Aniplex of America has licensed the anime for a North American release. On January 3, 2012, Adult Swim’s rights to broadcast anime ended after they finished airing Blue Exorcist anime with episode 24.

Blue Exorcist Filler List:

The Devil Resides in Human Souls:

1 The Devil Resides in Human Souls MIXED CANON/FILLER 2011-04-17
2 Gehenna Gate MIXED CANON/FILLER 2011-04-24
3 Brothers MIXED CANON/FILLER 2011-05-01
4 The Garden of Amahara MANGA CANON 2011-05-08
5 A Boy from the Cursed Temple MANGA CANON 2011-05-15
6 The Phantom Chef FILLER 2011-05-22
7 A Flock of Plovers MANGA CANON 2011-05-29
8 Now a Certain Man Was Sick… MANGA CANON 2011-06-05
9 Memories MANGA CANON 2011-06-12
10 Black Cat MANGA CANON 2011-06-19

Demon of the Deep Seas: Blue Exorcist Filler List

11 Demon of the Deep Seas FILLER 2011-06-26
12 A Game of Tag MANGA CANON 2011-07-03
13 Proof MANGA CANON 2011-07-10
14 A Fun Camping Trip MANGA CANON 2011-07-17
15 Act of Kindness MANGA CANON 2011-07-24
16 The Wager MIXED CANON/FILLER 2011-07-31
17 Temptation MIXED CANON/FILLER 2011-08-07
18 Gufu FILLER 2011-08-14
19 An Ordinary Day FILLER 2011-08-21
20 Mask FILLER 2011-08-28
21 The Secret Garden FILLER 2011-09-04

 Demon-hunting: Blue Exorcist Filler List

22 Demon-hunting FILLER 2011-09-11
23 Truth FILLER 2011-09-18
24 Satan’s Spawn FILLER 2011-09-25
25 Stop, Time FILLER 2011-10-02
26 Small Beginnings MANGA CANON 2017-01-07
27 Strange Bedfellows MANGA CANON 2017-01-14
28 Suspicion Will Raise Bogies MANGA CANON 2017-01-21
29 Act of Treachery MANGA CANON 2017-01-28
30 Mysterious Connections MANGA CANON 2017-02-04
31 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing MANGA CANON 2017-02-11
32 Like a Fire Burning Bright MANGA CANON 2017-02-18
33 From Father to Son MANGA CANON 2017-02-25
34 Through Thick and Thin MANGA CANON 2017-03-04
35 Unbowed and Unbroken MANGA CANON 2017-03-11
36 Shine Bright as the Sun MANGA CANON 2017-03-18
37 Candid and Open MANGA CANON 2017-03-25

Blue Exorcist Episodes Guide:

Season 1

The anime begins with Rin Okumura spending his day in an airport with Yukio Okumura until it is attacked by Satan, who claims that Yukio is Rin’s older twin brother and is attempting to kill him so he can possess their father, whom it killed earlier that morning. The two are forced to flee when people around them are consumed by blue flames produced by Satan. They are both found and brought to True Cross Academy, a private academy in Kyoto for devil children, which was founded by Mephisto Pheles.

Rin and Yukio’s Adventures:

The anime follows Rin and Yukio’s adventures at the academy and their attempts to defeat Satan. The anime also includes several filler episodes which don’t advance the plot significantly. In between anime episodes, “Blue Exorcist” anime OVAs have been released as well as three Blue Exorcist anime movies: “The Movie 1: The Exorcist Girl” (episode 14), “Movie 2: Kyoto Impure King Arc” (episode 24), “Movie 3: Shura Chapter” (episode 37).

On October 7, 2017 anime reached episode 24 which is the end of anime part 1. The anime has been renewed for a second anime series in 2018 called “Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga” with a new director and studio.

Season 2

It began airing on January 6, 2018 under the name “Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga”.  The anime has been renewed for a third season in 2019.

Blue Exorcist anime :The Devil Resides in Human Souls:

The anime series’ story is set at True Cross Academy.  Of the many students who attend the school, Rin Okumura is particularly exceptional in that he is the son of Satan. Though his father’s identity was kept secret as part of a peace agreement between demons and exorcists, the facts are gradually revealed to Rin as he advances in his studies. After an attack by Amaimon causes Rin’s classmates to turn against him, they force Rin into a cave where they believe Satan lives and seal him inside with a magic key that can never be found or destroyed.

Satan: Demon-slaying blade Kurikara

Satan then appears before Rin and imparts knowledge on him about his family history and why he was born: To become the destined wielder of the demon-slaying blade Kurikara. He also reveals that Rin’s latent abilities as an exorcist will awaken later in life and offers to take full responsibility for all the problems caused by Rin and give him nothing but misfortune, if only Rin agrees to accept his destiny and become a true demon.

Rin Refuses: Blue Exorcist Filler List

Rin refuses and returns to True Cross Academy with Mephisto Pheles, who task’s Rin with becoming an Exorcist; those who devote their lives to eradicating demonic influences such as Amaimon, another son of Satan whom Rin fought previously (episode 7). While he excels at combat training under Father Fujimoto, Rin is not very skilled at using other types of magic within the school’s curriculum. Nevertheless, he and his classmates Yukio and Shiemi Moriyama become friends as they train together.

Rin has a Dream: Blue Exorcist Filler List

Soon after, Rin has a dream where he learns that Satan—whose real name is “Mephisto Pheles”—is actually one of the Four Demon Kings, known by his title “The King with Blue Flames” (or the Blue-Flamed Human in anime), and that he has been reincarnated into a human child by his subordinate Konekomaru Miwa who was tricked by a rogue exorcist named Mephisto Pheles. The anime follows Rin Okumura as he enters True Cross Academy under Father Fujimoto’s guidance to learn how to control his demonic powers while making new friends and battling dark forces along the way.

Mephisto Pheles: Blue Exorcist Filler List

As a result of his lineage, Rin draws the attention of the mysterious True Cross Academy exorcist Mephisto Pheles. Mephisto makes several attempts to test Rin’s worthiness of being an exorcist, including one of the Four Demon Kings known as Amaimon (who is a serial killer in anime). Eventually, Fujimoto discovers that Rin is Satan’s son and asks him to leave the school because Rin’s demon powers will eventually cause destruction if he does not learn how to control them. However, after much internal conflict over his identity and purpose in life, Rin decides to stay at True Cross Academy in order to take Fujimoto’s place as an exorcist and be able to protect those he cares about.

Rin vs Amaimon: Blue Exorcist Filler List

Rin is forced into a fight with Amaimon, who makes Rin remember his first battle against Satan as a child. As they fought, Satan had slowly begun turning the village around them to stone upon defeating it by absorbing its demonic energy; however, he stopped when he saw Rin’s eyes and realized that Rin was his son. Enraged at such an act (as this would cause all humans on Earth to die), Rin had attacked Satan with Kurikara, which cut Satan down but also caused his human host Reiji Shiratori to collapse since Reiji’s body couldn’t contain both his powers or hold up to Kurikara’s immense flames. However, despite being cut in half, Satan survived by placing the unconscious Reiji in front of him and then taking over his body.

Mephisto: Blue Exorcist Filler List

Mephisto later reveals to Rin and Yukio that Satan’s ultimate goal is for humans and demons to battle and destroy each other so he can absorb their demonic energies, which would allow him to break free from Assiah (the human world) and enter Gehenna (the demon world). As a result, he has been covertly orchestrating events designed to cause strife between humans by influencing people through demonic means. He also shows them an anime clip depicting the anime-exclusive events of episode 11 where Satan uses shikigami called “shinki” on humans who are unable to become exorcists themselves. These shinki are depicted as little girls who act like cheerleaders; each has a number on their back that represents the order in which they were created. Rin, Shura Kirigakure, and Mephisto fight against Satan’s shinki (one of whom is Karura) until they are able to defeat them. However, it turns out that this anime clip was actually filmed by Izumo Kamiki’s younger twin sister Izumo Kamiki.

Rin Okumura at True Cross Academy:

The anime follows Rin Okumura at True Cross Academy as he trains to master his powers and enter the exorcist ranks alongside his brother Yukio. While undergoing intensive training to hone each others’ strengths, the brothers form a rivalry with a fellow student named Ryuji Suguro who blames Rin for his brother’s death. As the anime progresses, Ryuji learns of Rin’s identity as Satan’s son and becomes determined to kill him for revenge. However, he eventually decides against this after witnessing Rin’s kindness toward the children under his care.

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