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The anime series Black Butler Filler List ran from 2008 to 2017. A total of 49 episodes of Black Butler were produced. In total, Black Butler has 27 filler episodes, which is 55% of the total episodes. He is the most powerful boy in all of England, but he has suffered a lot. Ciel watched as his dearly loved parents were brutally murdered before being kidnapped and cruelly tortured. Sebastian, a demon Butler summoned from the depths of hell, was the only person who could offer the boy any chance of vengeance; he traded his soul for it. On a mission to snuff out evil, they will scour the darkest alleyways of London together. You can see the list on sparkanime

Black Butler Filler List Plot

“Black Butler” is set in Victorian England and follows a young nobleman named Ciel Phantomhive who is master of the estate known as “Phantomhive Estate”. Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler who looks after all the household matters, lives with Ciel, as does Undertaker, a grim reaper-like being who performs odd jobs around the house. During their investigation of murders that have been occurring across London, Sebastian employs his supernatural abilities to help Ciel solve problems that arise at the estate while also solving problems that are occurring on the estate. In the course of their collaboration, they uncover a dark secret that involves them both.

In Black Butler, how much filler is there?

Black Butler anime contains 29 filler episodes, which are episodes that do not appear in the manga. In total, the series has 46 episodes, so approximately 63% of them are filler.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

2-6, 13-15, 38-46

Filler Episodes

Complete Black Butler Filler List

The episode takes place during the third volume of the manga. This was a filler episode rather than part of the original manga because the author wanted to emphasize a character that played a key role in the story, which he could not do in one chapter. According to Yana Toboso, she really enjoys drawing Ciel’s new butler, Sebastian. He appears to know everything about the world, she said, and she likes how tall he is. She also enjoys the actor who has played him from the very beginning to now. The girl says she would like to marry him if she were Ciel (Hirakawa Daisuke).

Episode 7: His Butler, Merrymaking

There are multiple scenes in this episode that do not appear in the manga, so it is a filler. There is no mention of Ciel or Sebastian taking a vacation in the manga. Ciel and Sebastian only leave London briefly. They discuss “bear baiting” in the manga, and Ciel mentions he wants to visit the town where bear baiting still happens. Queen Victoria asks Phantomhive to put an end to the dogfighting ring in the manga. As part of the anime, Queen Victoria wants to build a resort on Houndsworth, making this an anime original episode. Yana Toboso wrote this episode after fans complained about how long Kuroshitsuji took to release new episodes: “I’m sorry I made you wait… ”

Episode 8: His Butler, Training

This episode was not a filler episode in the original Japanese version of the anime. In contrast, FUNimation and other companies call this episode a filler. The reason for this is that the Japanese version contains a backstory explaining why Angela Blanc is treated as an outcast in her village. It is actually the townpeople who are mocking her because they believe she was born illegitimate to Louis Blanc and his mistress (which might explain why she has dark skin). In order to be able to have children with black skin, Louis’ wife knew right away that she and her husband were too strict in their ways to have black children. As a result of Angela’s black skin, the townspeople mock her by scaring her away with fake ‘demon’ sightings. In the anime, the townspeople come off as the bad guys.

The backstory of Angela’s exclusion from the townpeople is either removed or altered in the English dub in order to make it seem arbitrary. As a result, Angela in FUNimation’s dub is just portrayed as a seemingly normal girl. Since Sebastian and Ciel are the only ones who investigate her exclusion from the town, Ciel is quick to conclude that the townspeople don’t have any reason to fear her (because in the English dub the backstory isn’t explained). Having Sebastian dress up as a demon dog and scare the villagers away, he devises a plan to convince them to accept Angela into their village. Angela appears innocent in FUNimation’s English version because it seems that the villagers are just unaware that she is a normal human being.

Episode 9: His Butler, Phantom Image

This episode is a filler since it contains no plot-relevant events and only provides entertainment. During Ciel’s absence, Sebastian Michaelis, his butler, is looking after Pluto. Ciel is away, so his three servants are taking a photo of Sebastian with a human he loves the most. They take a photo of Finnian, and see a small bird in the picture. The servants attempt to take a picture of Sebastian, but he refuses, and treats them like slaves until the see a cat he is petting. When Pluto transforms into his human form, he throws Sebastian’s cat away. In this episode, there are no important plot developments in the series, and there are no important events in the series. This episode also has nothing to do with the next.

Episode 10: His Butler, on Ice

The frozen fair’s centerpiece will be sculpted by local ice sculptor Tim. Sebastian and Celel arrive at Tim’s tent on the Thames river to investigate his use of Tim’s ring. In response to their question, he says that it was a gift from Marian, who fled after learning that he was responsible for her brother’s death. As a result of his part in this crime, they wanted revenge on him for stealing something of great value from them.

A competition for Ice Sculptures is being held on this day, so Tim shows Sebastian and Ciel where he found the ring in an undercurrent section of the river. The two meet Timothy and Daly, Tim’s pursuers. The ring must be returned, but he refuses. Taking the ring would disqualify him from the ice sculpture competition today, he explains.

In order to take back the ring from Tim, Sebastian and Ciel enter the sculpture contest. Tim and Elizabeth arrive at Ciel’s tent, and Ciel tells Tim he has come to help, prompting Tim to call him a good guy for helping out a complete stranger, and reveals his own backstory of being framed for theft by Timothy and Daly, who are both working for Tim’s former boss. As Elizabeth leaves, Sebastian tries to bring the ring to the contest, but is stopped by Daly. As a filler episode, it does not advance the main plot. The book does, however, provide more information about Sebastian and Elizabeth’s past.

Episode 11: His Butler, However You Please

The Queen’s Birthday party was attended by Paula Midford and Elizabeth Midford. She had only an infant son when her husband was killed on the battlefield. Her name appeared on Sebastian’s list of nobles who have been kidnapped and sacrificed to summon the Queen of Mirrors in the episode “A Bard’s Song.”. Her picture appeared in the episode “Mad Tea Party” during a tea party hosted for the Queen of Mirrors.

Here is a list of known victims of the Queen of Mirrors in Kuroshitsuji II. All of them have disappeared, as indicated by Sebastian’s list (in which he has 16 people missing). According to Sebastian’s list (in which he lists 11 dead people), five of them are confirmed dead.

A filler episode, since it is a flashback of the first season, which was not animated. The Production Committee of Kuroshitsuji II has also announced that at least one filler episode will be animated before the end of the series. (These are not commercial decisions.)

Episode 12: His Butler, Forlorn

The memories of Elizabeth reveal how she was trapped in the dollhouse as a child by the earl. She created dolls from her own hair to keep her company as she was very lonely. After becoming alive, the dolls were unable to leave with Elizabeth, and were locked away when she was taken away. After the dolls escaped, they sought revenge against the Earl by looking for Elizabeth. Their guardian was Drossel, who was sealed into a tower by the earl. In the end, Drossel confesses to controlling Elizabeth all along. Taking someone he loves dearly’s soul will allow him to be human again. As a result, he has tried to enslave Ciel, believing that Ciel can grant him the power he wants.

The door to Ciel and Sebastian’s room is broken when Sebastian manages to break it open. In contrast, they face Drossel, who looks like Elizabeth’s doll. Ciel is attacked, but Sebastian defends him and is stabbed with Drossel’s sword in the back. As soon as Sebastian’s blood opens the door, he tells Ciel to proceed. The purpose of this episode is to develop Drossel’s character and to explain his motives.

Episode 16: His Butler, in an Isolated Castle 

In the first episode of Season 5, Ciel and Sebastian arrive at a castle called Ludlow Castle, which Ciel has just bought for 1,000 pounds. There are two ghosts haunting it, King Edward and Prince Dickie, and the former asks Sebastian to be his butler. In the event that King Edward is re-elected, Sebastian will help him get rid of the ghosts in the castle. Once they are gone, the ghosts will not appear again.

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