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Baratie Arc |One Piece

In the manga and anime One Piece, the Baratie Arc is the fourth story arc of the East Blue Saga. The Straw Hats meet Johnny and Yosaku, who take them to a floating restaurant ship called the Baratie, a kind of “floating oasis” in the middle of the ocean, where they meet Sanji. As a replacement for his devastated fleet, a pirate admiral named Don Krieg targets the Baratie, which soon comes under siege.

Saga The East Blue Saga
Total Episodes 12
Manga Chapters 27
Anime 1.2%
Manga 2.7%
Baratie Arc

Finding A Cook

Baratie Arc begins when Straw Hat pirates Luffy, Nami, Zoro, and newly joined Usopp properly check their new ship named The Going Merry. They also design a new pirate flag for the ship. To check the capability of this ship. Luffy and Usopp fire canon on the rock. But unknowingly on that rock two pirate hunters are already living. And due to this attack, they got injured. One of them attacks Straw Hats. Luffy begins to fight. But Zoro realizes that he is his friend. Those pirates’ names are Johnny and Yosaku. Straw hair apologizes to them. Meanwhile, Nami cures their other friend. Soon after Straw hats realizes that they need a cook. Which manages their food. Because lately, they are eating unhealthy food. Johnny and Yosaku want to repay their favor. They help them by talking about the floating restaurant. It is in the middle of the ocean. They can also find the cook. They also help them reach there. But after reaching there. They get themselves stuck in another problem. They fight with marine lieutenant Full body. While fighting with Fullbody Luffy accidentally fire on the rooftop of Baratie.

Baratie Arc Cover
Baratie Arc Cover

Baratie Arc The Restaurant

Luffy then tries to do a deal with the owner of Baratie and Chef. To overcome the damage of the ship. In between that Full Body encounter with Vinsmoke Sanji. Sanji almost killed Full Body. Because he insults Baratie’s food. Then a pirate named  Gin demands food. But to a surprise, he did not get any food. He also gets beaten and thrown out of the restaurant. Sanji secretly serves food to Gin. And saves his life from death. But despite this favor, Gin tells Don about Baratie. On listening about Baratie. Don Krieg thinks about again reviving his fleet by getting hold of Baratie. After some time, Krieg came to Baratie. He asks them to serve him food. Then he will not be harmful. He promises them about this. But as expected after eating food he tells Baratie cooks that his whole fleet is destroyed. Just because of a mysterious person in the Grand Line. His left-over crew is on verge of their life-ending. Zeff serves food to all of them. He also warns them about the upcoming battle. Baratie expends their field battle. So that their restaurant will not damage. And then a fight starts between Cooks and Krieg, In between battles Luffy is working as a chore boy to repay for his damages to the ship. Other Straw hats are trying to protect Going Merry from any destruction. But then they came to know that Nami double-crossed them. She steals all their treasure and ran away. Usopp, Zoro, Yosaku prepare for going after her.

Mihawk Vs Zoro In Baratie Arc

Zoro vs Mihawk
Zoro vs Mihawk

But Dracule Mihawk who is one of seven warlords appears. He is also the greatest swordsman in the world. Zoro decides to defeat Hawk Eyes Mihawk so that Zoro gets the tag of the greatest swordsman. But in front of Mihawk, he is nothing. But although Zoro gets defeated Meok is impressed with his courage and bravery. He left Zoro alive so that he can become a better swordsman. After this defeat, Zoro promises himself that now, he will never get defeated by anyone. Luffy still stays in that ship so that he can compensate for the loss of the ship. After that Mihawk left the plane.

Baratie Fight with Krieg Pirates

Krieg again tries to get control over Baratie. Krieg is continuously attacking. The battle is also going in there. But this scenario is before the joining of Sanji in the battle. But Krieg’s partner Pearl The Iron wall came and fight once again to get in favor of Krieg. Initially, Sanji wins the fight, but Gin stops Sanji from fighting by pointing a gun at Zeff. By which Iron pearl gets a chance to beat Sanji. But surprisingly Gin saves Sanji by saying that he wants to kill Sanji. Then a fight starts between Gin and Sanji. As Sanji is wounded because of the iron pearl so fight turns to be in favor of Jinn. But inspired by all this Jin is unable to kill Sanji. Which makes Don Krieg very furious. Don Krieg decides to kill Gin by poisoning him with a poisonous gas named MH 5. This makes Luffy very angry.

Sanji Joins

Then a fight starts between Don Krieg and Luffy which continues for a long time. Don Krieg uses every possible weapon to defeat Luffy. But every time Luffy overpowers them. Luffy almost defeated him but due to his one attack, he fell into the ocean. Sanji saves Luffy and after that Krieg ran away from there. Zeff insists Sanji go with Luffy. They also say that his soup is bad. Which makes Sanji feels sad. Then he realizes that Zeff is doing this intentionally. Sanji then reminds us about his dream to discover All Blue. That is a place where all seafood items are available.  Sanji then agrees to go with Luffy. Yosaku warns Luffy that Nami is going towards a dangerous island. Zeff and their crew give farewell to Sanji. Then Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku Enroute behinds their other crew members.


Main Events In Baratie Arc

  • Snaji Joins the crew as Cook
  • Mihawk Warlod is introduced
  • Luffy defeated Strongest East Blue Pirate Crew
  • Nami betryal
  • Jinbe is mentioned

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