Attack On Titan Filler List

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‘Attack on Titan’ is one of the most popular anime series out there – are you a fan too? Attack on Titan is a huge hit not just in the United States, but all over the world. In  Attack On Titan Filler List whether you are looking for Attack on Titan episodes or a complete guide, then you have landed on the right page.

Attack On Titan Filler List

Attack On Titan Anime Review

Imagine a world where everything you know and love has been destroyed. Civilization as we know it is no more, the planet’s surface is an endless expanse of death and despair, and those who survive are forced to take shelter from monstrous titans that roam the land turning any poor sap they find into bloody pâté with just one swipe of their massive arms. Titans aren’t the most intelligent life forms around – in fact, their behavior can barely be considered animalistic – but they’re big enough to cause serious problems for humanity if given half a chance. This is how fans would describe Hajime Isayama ‘s Attack on Titan . Humanity lives inside heavily-fortified cities behind three enormous concentric walls to protect themselves from the titans.

Attack On Titan Filler List

Attack On Titan Filler List:

SEASON 1 (2013)

1 To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2013-04-07
2 That Day: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2013-04-14
3 A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2013-04-21
4 The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2013-04-28
5 First Battle: The Struggle for Trost, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2013-05-05
6 The World the Girl Saw: The Struggle for Trost, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2013-05-12
7 Small Blade: The Struggle for Trost, Part 3 MANGA CANON 2013-05-19
8 I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4 MANGA CANON 2013-05-26
9 Whereabouts of His Left Arm: The Struggle for Trost, Part 5 MANGA CANON 2013-06-02
10 Response: The Struggle for Trost, Part 6 MANGA CANON 2013-06-09
11 Idol: The Struggle for Trost, Part 7 MANGA CANON 2013-06-16
12 Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8 MANGA CANON 2013-06-23
13 Primal Desire: The Struggle for Trost, Part 9 MANGA CANON 2013-06-30
14 Can’t Look Into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2013-07-14
15 Special Operations Squad: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2013-07-21
16 What Needs to Be Done Now: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 3 MANGA CANON 2013-07-28
17 Female Titan: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2013-08-04
18 Forest of Giant Trees: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2013-08-11
19 Bite: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 3 MANGA CANON 2013-08-18
20 Erwin Smith: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 4 MANGA CANON 2013-08-25
21 Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5 MANGA CANON 2013-09-01
22 The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6 MIXED CANON/FILLER 2013-09-08
23 Smile: Assault on Stohess, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2013-09-15
24 Mercy: Assault on Stohess, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2013-09-22
25 Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3 MANGA CANON 2013-09-29

Attack On Titan Filler List

SEASON 2 (2017)

26 Beast Titan MANGA CANON 2017-04-01
27 I’m Home MANGA CANON 2017-04-08
28 Southwestward MANGA CANON 2017-04-15
29 Soldier MANGA CANON 2017-04-22
30 Historia MANGA CANON 2017-04-29
31 Warrior MANGA CANON 2017-05-06
32 Close Combat MANGA CANON 2017-05-13
33 The Hunters MIXED CANON/FILLER 2017-05-20
34 Opening MANGA CANON 2017-05-27
35 Children MANGA CANON 2017-06-03
36 Charge MANGA CANON 2017-06-10
37 Scream MANGA CANON 2017-06-17

Attack On Titan Filler List

SEASON 3 (2018-2019)

38 Smoke Signal MIXED CANON/FILLER 2018-07-23
39 Pain MIXED CANON/FILLER 2018-07-30
40 Old Story MIXED CANON/FILLER 2018-08-06
41 Trust MIXED CANON/FILLER 2018-08-13
42 Reply MANGA CANON 2018-08-20
43 Sin MANGA CANON 2018-08-27
44 Wish MANGA CANON 2018-09-03
45 Outside the Walls of Orvud District MANGA CANON 2018-09-10
46 Ruler of the Walls MANGA CANON 2018-09-17
47 Friends MANGA CANON 2018-09-24
48 Bystander MANGA CANON 2018-10-08
49 Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall MANGA CANON 2018-10-15
50 The Town Where Everything Began MANGA CANON 2019-04-29
51 Thunder Spears MANGA CANON 2019-05-06
52 Descent MANGA CANON 2019-05-13
53 Perfect Game MANGA CANON 2019-05-20
54 Hero MANGA CANON 2019-05-27
55 Midnight Sun MANGA CANON 2019-06-03
56 The Basement MANGA CANON 2019-06-10
57 That Day MANGA CANON 2019-06-17
58 Attack Titan MANGA CANON 2019-06-24
59 The Other Side of the Wall MANGA CANON 2019-07-01

Attack On Titan Filler List

In which chapter of the manga does Shingeki no Kyojin continue?

Shingeki no Kyojin is a very popular manga series in Japan and the Western world. It’s written by Hajime Isayama and published in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Wikipedia describes it as: “The story centers around the adventures of Eren Yeager, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert, whose lives are changed forever after the appearance of a Colossal Titan which brings about the destruction of their home town.” The anime adaptation has been released on DVDs and Blu-ray, and the first 13 episodes are already out on Crunchyroll. There’s also a live action movie that can currently be seen in cinemas across Japan. This manga series has proven to be very popular with readers of all ages, so it should come as no surprise that there are now several official spin-offs of Shingeki no Kyojin being published by Kodansha.

Attack On Titan Filler List

What are some common terms that we see when talking about the Attack on titan filler list? 

Shingeki no Kyojin Filler list

A list of episodes that are not present in the manga. Most of this content was decided on by the anime producers and then created by a separate production team from Studio Wit .

Attack On Titan Filler List

AoT Spoilers

Events that happen in any episode that is a filler epsiode, these can also include spoilers for future events in the Attack on Titan anime. E.G : “We’re going to see some AoT Spoilers when Levi joins the Survey Corps!”


The Japanese word for ‘giant’ or ‘gigantic’. In Attack on titan it means something closer to ‘titan’. When people talk about Attack on titan they might say “This show is so kyojin!” or “Attack on Titan is my favorite Kyojin anime”

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2

The second season of the popular Attack on titan anime. Manga readers are divided on how they feel about this new season, but nearly all agree that epsiodes 1-35 of this season are filler with the exception of episode 14.

Attack On Titan Filler List

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager starts out as a young boy who lives in the wall’s city alongside his adoptive sister Mikasa and best friend Armin. His family was killed by titans when he was very young, forcing him to become more mature at a faster rate than most people his age. He joins the military with his friends in order to help humanity reclaim the outer wall’s cities from the titan’s rule.

Eren Yeager Mikasa Ackerman

Eren’s adopted sister, she was taken in by Eren’s family at a young age and now lives alongside him as siblings. She is extremely protective of her adoptive brother and will do anything to keep him safe. A powerful fighter, she can be quite reckless when fighting titans causing some people who don’t know her well to think that she is cold hearted or has split personalities (When fighting titans they only show mercy once).

Mikasa Ackerman Armin Arlert

One of Erens best friends, even though he isn’t quite as physically strong as Eren and Mikasa he makes up for it with his intelligence. He is also very passionate about humanity’s freedom and joins the military as soon as he is old enough to do so.

Armin Arlert Jean Kirschtein: Attack On Titan Filler List

A new recruit in the Survey Corps elite and Eren and Mikasa’s underclassman. He has a great sense of responsibility but lacks control over his emotions which gets him into some difficult situations on more than one occasion, this combined with his lack of self confidence make him rather unpopular among many members of the Survey Corps.

Jean Kirschtein Annie Leonhart: Attack On Titan Filler List

The beautiful female titan that killed numerous recruits during her first appearance in season 2, she was thought to be dead but shows back up again later with a secret. She is extremely powerful and has the ability to harden parts of her body so that it becomes rock solid, which can be seen as a metallic color.

Annie Leonhart Levi Ackerman: Attack On Titan Filler List

An old soldier who joins the Survey Corps for unknown reasons, he is widely respected by those who serve with him because of his high level of skill and knowledge from years on the battlefield. He is often seen as cold hearted but he isn’t as cruel as some people perceive him to be, for example he does save Eren after capturing him rather than killing him on the spot.

Levi Ackerman Sasha Braus: Attack On Titan Filler List

Although she may look like a complete ditz at first glance, Braus is actually very cunning and perceptive. She is shown to have more common sense than some of her fellow soldiers and acts as a kind of adviser towards them.

Sasha Braus: Attack On Titan Filler List

Reiner Braun – A member of the Survey Corps elite who used to be friends with Eren, but that changes during the events leading up to season 2. He has a hard time hiding his true feelings after being found out by Eren and Mikasa, this allows for him to become conflicted about his orders until he finally joins with Annie at the end of the second season.

Bertholdt Hoover: Attack On Titan Filler List

Another member who once served with Reiner in The Armored titan shifters, they act as if they are siblings despite having no blood relation whatsoever. They were brought into the Survey Corps in order to help take back the wall’s cities, although they have a much different goal in mind.

Connie Springer Attack On Titan Filler List

A short tempered yet kind hearted individual who joins the military alongside his group of friends, although he lacks confidence in himself and is often pestered by others it doesn’t stop him from fighting for his friends. He cares deeply about them and will do anything to keep them safe even if it means sacrificing himself for their sake.

Sasha Braus Connie Springer Jean Kirstein

One of Connie’s best friends, after becoming a member of the military he starts to develop feelings towards Sasha which causes problems when Reiner threatens Sasha because he suspects that she may be one of the Armored Titan shifters due to her uncanny resemblance to Annie.

Jean Kirstein Krista Lenz: Attack On Titan Filler List

A member of the 104th squad and a childhood friend of Ymir’s, she is very popular among members of the military and saves countless lives simply because of how beautiful and kind hearted she happens to be. However, she becomes rather distant after finding out that Ymir had been feeding titans in her spare time.

Krista Lenz Ymir: Attack On Titan Filler List

A mysterious girl who acts like an ageless person however it has been revealed that she came from a tiny village near Karanes which was destroyed by titans long ago . She is shown to be very intelligent despite acting in a childish manner, but there might just possibly be more going on behind those eyes of hers. Ymir is a very skilled fighter and can be rather selfish at times, although she does seem to have a good heart deep down inside there may not be too much hope for her character in the future of the series.

Brief history and Plot of Attack on Titans

The manga series ‘Attack on Titan’ is written by Hajime Isayama. The storyline revolves around the lives of humans who are residing inside a Three-walled city called ‘Wall’. They are attacked by Titans, gigantic humanoid creatures who eat humans seemingly without reason. The story starts with the sudden appearance of Titans outside Wall Maria. Many humans die in this incident which also includes Eren’s mother and it is later revealed that his father has been eaten as well. Her death leaves a huge mark on Eren’s mind and he vows to murder every single titan. This incident marks the beginning of Attack on Titan where things are just getting started with Titans killing humans all over again.

Now the question is should you watch Attack on Titan’s filler?

The answer to this is it all depends on what you are looking for in a series. Some people might enjoy the filler while others could be absolutely infuriated with it! I’m going to give my personal opinion on them later but if you want to know what they are without spoilers, read the article below. If not please skip over that part or read it but don’t come back here and complain about spoilers. If that does happen, I will laugh at you because there should be no reason for anyone to complain about an article’s spoiler warning. Its right up there under the title of the post, watch yourselves!

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