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Assassination Classroom Filler List was an anime series that ran from 2014 to 2016. In total 48 episodes of Assassination Classroom were aired. The series had multiple arcs during its run, the first arc being the introduction arc, which takes up episodes 1-6. The second arc is an action/horror arc taking up episodes 7-14. Finally the third and final arc is more of a psychological/romance story that covers 15-24 before transitioning into the some what open ended finale that wraps things up nicely but left some loose ends for some people (which I’ll address later).

Assassination Classroom has no reported filler, though there are occasionally some recap episodes, they usually do not tell us anything we don’t already know or couldn’t remember but there are exceptions to this. I will go over the recap episodes at the end of this article for anyone who is interested.

Assassination Classroom Filler List:

Meeting Time:

0 Meeting Time ANIME CANON 2014-11-09
1 Assassination Time MANGA CANON 2015-01-09
2 Baseball Time MANGA CANON 2015-01-16
3 Karma Time MANGA CANON 2015-01-30
4 Grown-Up Time MANGA CANON 2015-02-06
5 Assembly Time MIXED CANON/FILLER 2015-02-13
6 Test Time MANGA CANON 2015-02-20
7 School Trip Time/1st Period MANGA CANON 2015-02-27
8 School Trip Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON 2015-03-06
9 Transfer Student Time MANGA CANON 2015-03-13
10 L and R Time MANGA CANON 2015-03-20
11 Transfer Student Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON 2015-03-27
12 Ball Game Tournament Time MANGA CANON 2015-04-10
13 Talent Time MANGA CANON 2015-04-17
14 Vision Time MANGA CANON 2015-04-24
15 End-of-Term Time MANGA CANON 2015-05-01

School’s Out/1st Term: Assassination Classroom Filler List

16 School’s Out/1st Term MANGA CANON 2015-05-08
17 Island Time MANGA CANON 2015-05-15
18 Action Time MANGA CANON 2015-05-22
19 Pandemonium Time MANGA CANON 2015-05-29
20 Karma Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON 2015-06-05
21 XX Time MANGA CANON 2015-06-12
22 Nagisa Time MANGA CANON 2015-06-19
23 Summer Festival Time MANGA CANON 2016-01-07
24 Kaede Time MANGA CANON 2016-01-14
25 Itona Horibe Time MANGA CANON 2016-01-21
26 Spinning Time MANGA CANON 2016-01-28
27 Leader Time MANGA CANON 2016-02-04
28 Before & After Time MANGA CANON 2016-02-11
29 Reaper Time, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2016-02-18
30 Reaper Time, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2016-02-25

Round Two Time: Assassination Classroom Filler List

31 Round Two Time MANGA CANON 2016-03-03
32 School Festival Time MANGA CANON 2016-03-10
33 End-of-Term Time/2nd Period MANGA CANON 2016-03-17
34 Think Outside the Box Time MANGA CANON 2016-03-24
35 Let Live Time MANGA CANON 2016-03-31
36 Secret Identity Time MANGA CANON 2016-04-07
37 Confession Time MANGA CANON 2016-04-21
38 Past Time MANGA CANON 2016-04-28
39 Discord Time MANGA CANON 2016-05-05
40 Outcome Time MANGA CANON 2016-05-12
41 Outer Space Time MANGA CANON 2016-05-19
42 Valentine’s Day Time MANGA CANON 2016-05-26
43 Trust Time MANGA CANON 2016-06-01
44 Happy Birthday Time MANGA CANON 2016-06-08
45 Final Boss Time MANGA CANON 2016-06-15
46 Graduation Time MANGA CANON 2016-06-22
47 Future Time MANGA CANON 2016-06-29

Assassination Classroom quickly became one of my favorite anime series after finishing it and up to this day, 3 years since the first episode aired, I still feel like re-watching it (something that doesn’t happen very often). Part of what got me into AC was because of how unique the setting was; aliens invading earth with pacifist motives to be taught by students in order to become proper citizens. The main character being a high schooler only made the story more interesting as he deals with teaching his classmates assassination techniques while also trying not to lose his identity among them as their friend and human being.

I have been here for a while, and I thought that it would be nice to have a filler list for Assassination Classroom. So here is the filler list in order from when they appear in the Anime! Filler arcs will not be included on this list, only questions with distinct answers will be answered.

Question 1: What was Karma ‘s mom doing when he met her?

Karma’s mother was a fashion designer who recently returned from Paris. She was very busy because she had many orders to fill, but she still managed to make time for Karma . It is said that his mother played an important part in making Karma into the dress-loving man he became.

Question 2: What did the creature disguised as a handsome man tried to do to a schoolgirl?

The “handsome” man was actually a space alien who had come to Earth. He had lost his way and wanted to ask for directions at a nearby high school. It is said that he was not able to answer any of the questions asked by the students because he was too busy trying to eat them .

Question 3: Which character from DRRR!! does Koro -sensei look like?

Koro -sensei looks very similar to Orihara Izaya from Durarara!! They both have scalp tattoos, an interesting fashion sense, and enjoy causing mischief. The biggest difference them would be their hair color, but this Koro -sensei has been known to dye his hair from time to time.

Question 4: Why was the English teacher afraid of lizards?

The teacher had suffered a terrible accident as a child and ever since than she is absolutely terrified of lizards . It is said that she tried very hard not to let her fear show, but when Karasuma finally noticed her discomfort he decided it would be best for all if he left immediately.

Question 5: Where did Karma go on vacation with some friends?

Karma went on a trip to Hawaii (Ala-Ku) with three of his classmates. They were all dressed up in winter clothes because they were told that it gets chilly at night during winter, but the weather turned out to be very nice. Karma was miserable because he had brought an ugly Hawaiian shirt, but one of his friends secretly bought him a new one so that they could take some cute pictures before they left.

Question 6: Which character from DRRR!! does Irina look like?

Irina looks most like Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! They both have no head or facial features, and dress in all black. The main difference between them would be their hairstyles, but Irina also changes her hairstyle on occasion.

Question 7: What were Koro -sensei’s first words after coming to Earth?

Koro -sensei took a deep breath as soon as he came through the wormhole near Earth and said, “It smells like Japan here!” He then took out his camera and started taking pictures of the blue sky, white clouds, and greenery on the ground.

Question 8: How long did it take for Karma to learn how to speak English?

Karma was able to speak English after spending about ten days studying almost nonstop. He mostly learned from listening to famous actors in classic American films such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood . Unfortunately he forgot most of what he learned when mastering Koro -sensei’s language level became a matter of life and death during the survival test.

Question 9: Why did Nagisa always wear that bucket hat?

Nagisa wore that bucket hat because it’s his favorite. It was given to him by Karma when they were children after he saved up for it all year long. Nagisa is very attached to it because of what happened on the day he received it, but the truth behind this sentimental memory will be revealed later .

Question 10: How did Koro -sensei turn himself into a copycat?

Koro -sensei turned himself into an exact replica of any person that he had seen once before. His transformation was so perfect that even those who knew the real person would not be able to tell them apart without careful observation. Because of that, Koro -sensei learned how to counterattack quickly and effectively in order to save himself from danger during fights with assassins .

Question 11: How did the assassin get through security at the hotel?

The assassin was able to sneak in by hiding in a cargo container. It is said that the hotel was having some construction done for a big event, so many people were coming and going while carrying large equipment. No one paid any attention to a small crate being carried up to someone’s room because they didn’t think it could possibly hold anything dangerous .

Question 12: Which character from DRRR!! does Minako look like?

Minako looks very similar to Shizuo from Durarara!! They both have blond hair and glasses, but their facial expressions are what really gives them away. If you take off Minako’s glasses then she would look just like Shizuo after he smashed Izaya with a pole .

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