Akame Ga Kill Filler List

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The Akame Ga Kill Filler List is on! was an anime series that aired from 2014 to 2014. The anime series consists of 24 episodes. They were shown. Takumi ga Kill! contains no fillers.

Tatsumi, a young swordsman living in a tyrannical empire, leaves his home to save his poverty stricken village from the tyrant. When he meets Akame, he discovers she is a trained assassin who has been brainwashed and bought by the Empire. “Night Raid” is a secret assassin group whose members use a special weapon called Teigu. A corrupt empire is confronted by Tatsumi and the members of Night Raid together. You can see the list on sparkanime

Akame Ga Kill Filler List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Kill the Darkness Manga Canon 2014-07-06
2 Kill the Authority Manga Canon 2014-07-13
3 Kill Your Cares Manga Canon 2014-07-20
4 Kill the Imperial Arm Users Manga Canon 2014-07-27
5 Kill the Dream Manga Canon 2014-08-03
6 Kill the Absolute Justice Manga Canon 2014-08-10
7 Kill the Three -Part One- Manga Canon 2014-08-17
8 Kill the Three -Part Two- Manga Canon 2014-08-24
9 Kill the Lust for Combat Manga Canon 2014-08-31
10 Kill the Seduction Manga Canon 2014-09-07
11 Kill the Mad Scientist Manga Canon 2014-09-14
12 Kill the Newcomers Manga Canon 2014-09-21
13 Kill the Nuisances Manga Canon 2014-09-28
14 Kill the Giant Danger Beast Manga Canon 2014-10-05
15 Kill the Religious Organization Manga Canon 2014-10-12
16 Kill the Dolls Manga Canon 2014-10-19
17 Kill the Curse Manga Canon 2014-10-26
18 Kill the Demon Manga Canon 2014-11-02
19 Kill the Fate Mixed Canon/Filler 2014-11-09
20 Kill the Carnage Anime Canon 2014-11-16
21 Kill the Despair Anime Canon 2014-11-23
22 Kill the Little Sister Anime Canon 2014-11-30
23 Kill the Emperor Anime Canon 2014-12-07
24 Akame ga Kill! Anime Canon 2014-12-14


The following is Akame ga Kill! This list indicates which episodes or chapters are fillers in the series, meaning they are exclusive to the anime and not adapted from the manga. You can skip or avoid Akame ga Kill with this guide! There are no filler episodes so you can fully enjoy the anime. You should note that both the ovas, specials, and movies (if the anime had them) will be displayed chronologically, so you can enjoy them on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, or Crunchyroll. As soon as you finish watching the anime, I will tell you which chapter of the manga to begin reading after the anime, so you remember how far the Akame ga Kill is! Manga version

Why watch Akame Ga Kiru?

Akame Ga Kill! was originally a Square Enix manga. Since the release of the anime, the series has gained some traction. Tune in to this breathtaking anime and join Tatsumi on a bloody adventure as he struggles his way through the corrupt! It is an anime worth watching for its memorable soundtracks and fight scenes. Keep up to date with weekly anime updates!

The Storyline

Originally from the slums, Tatsumi lives in a village. To get more money, he and his friend travel to the capital in search of a stable well paying job. As they are taken in by a wealthy family with the intention of slaughtering them, they discover the corruption. During that night, the Night Raid invades Tatsumi’s home. Taking him in, he joins their cause. He develops bonds with people in the night raid by joining. Take part in his tragic and suspenseful journey.

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